My first Fiverr Gig, A cool glitch effect for your photos!


I just joined this site, and this is my first service that I will offer

I can take any image that you want and create a glitch effect for it.

Here is my gig’s page:

I’ve also attached a sample image


Hi bjohn050 :slight_smile:

Welcome to Fiverr

That is interesting. Please allow me to make some suggestions. As there are many sellers on Fiverr selling similar services (photoshop etc), I think it would be a good idea if

  1. you offered a 24 hours delivery until you get your first customer

  2. instead of saying that the 5 first buyers will get your special offer, why not say the FIRST buyer will get the offer?

  3. why not make one more gig where you can offer the glitch effect for a poster/ invitation (for events, parties, music bands etc)?

  4. promote your gigs through your social media sharing the link

  5. ask your friends in your college to help you get some orders by promoting you on their social media

    Hope that helps!

    all the best



Wow thanks for the long reply :slight_smile: I will definitely try some of these!


I am happy you found my suggestion useful and made a new gig out of it. All the best with that.

One more bit of advice: you can use 3 gig photos so why not make a more colorful sample too. And you don’t need ‘amazing’ as a tag. As no one will write this word in Fiverr’s search box. Check out what tags the most successful ‘antagonists’ use. I ma sure you will find interesting words :slight_smile: