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My first fiverr gig still not indexed!

Hello awesome people!
I recently created my first Fiverr gig, on SEO Keyword Research. It’s been 4 days; the gig is active but not indexed in the search results.

Apparently, everything’s fine: the keyword usage, 100% original descriptions, and graphics.
The categories I’ve selected… all look good.

What can be the problem and what should I do?

Here’s the gig link :


Might be because your image design looks stolen. FAKES : Thieves are everywhere


@imagination7413 Nope… I designed them myself using canva and all the elements/images used are lisenced.

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Never said that you didn’t make it, just that it looks stolen.


It seems good to me.
Nowadays everything may seem “stolen”. It’s a completely different niche.

Also there is difference between “being inspired” and “stole an idea”. You know that most of the activities, studies and sometimes even work, is inspired by someone, even unconsciously, right?


you can edit again your gig may it help you


Absolutely, yes, I know that.


The copier just has to accept loosing all respect, accept tolerating being known as just another cheap ripoff-copycat-imitator, and accept that they’ll never be as good as the original if they never actually try.

The OP changed things up a tad, but it’s still obviously copied.

The Surprisingly Legal World Of Ripoff Blockbuster Movies - Cheddar Explains - YouTube

On topic for the OP: Have you read this thread yet? Welcome to "Fiverr 3.0"!