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My First Fiverr Message - A Phishing Scam

Hi, new here! :slight_smile: I’ve had my first two gigs up for a week and was excited to find my first message in my email this morning. All looked legit, however I jumped onto Fiverr and found no new clicks on my Gig, and no messages in my Fiverr inbox, which naturally leads me to suspect phishing. All good, I didn’t click reply or click on any clicks.

However, if this is indeed a phishing email, it’s one of the most convincing ones I’ve ever received, and I consider myself somewhat tech savvy! So I just wanted to warn people :slight_smile: It:

-Appears to have come from a legit email,
-Addressed my username
-Addressed one of my gigs (albeit, vaguely, merely asking if I was available for data entry)
-All the links when scrolled over appear to come from Not another domain, not another extension like .co or similar. The only difference being that two urls use http - the rest are with the secure s. I’ve just compared to a regular Fiverr email and their urls and social links at the bottom of all their emails link to links.announce.fiverr, confirming the fake, which instead links directly to their social accounts.

My question is, is there somewhere I can report/forward this email to Fiverr? Or do I report the username? I’m not sure the user exists though, since there’s 0 Google results for it, so forwarding the email would be much more effective!


Did you check the spam folder in Fiverr to see if your message might have been there?


OMG I feel so stupid! I had 0 notifications, 0 in inbox, still couldn’t find this supposed message anywhere… I had no idea Fiverr had their own spam message filter. :woman_facepalming: Found it, thank you! Turns out after all that, they can no longer be contacted. Is this because Fiverr has blocked them, or they’ve blocked me?

Probably they were banned by Fiverr itself

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Good to know, thanks!

Great to hear you’re cautious about this sort of thing. FYI, you will get more spam messages that the filter won’t catch, so keep up the vigilance! (Even googledoc links can be a risk, if you’re signed in. I oopsed and neglected to check one in incognito mode, and now my email address is on some spammers lists. Lesson learned.)