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My first Fiverr purchase was OUTSTANDING!


Im doing the Fred Flintstone twinkletoes dance.

My first Fiverr buying experience was exceptional. I got exactly what I asked for, the logo I chose is gorgeous (as were the other concepts), and they were delivered on time.



Welcome to Fiverr :wink:


You can try doing a gig like that…
“I’ll do the Fred Flintstone twinkletoes dance for you along with a special message or holding a sign”

I’m glad to hear that your first experience was a delightful one!


I’d end up in the hospital with a neck injury.

I’m serious :joy:


Nice to ask that. there are lot of talented designer. so Welcome to fiverr… :slight_smile:


LOL…Dance to that many extant is injurious to health,I agree, as I received a serious injury while dancing in Anjy’s wedding ceremony :cry::sob:


Innuendo. Innuendo everywhere.


Yeah, lately I’ve been wanting to buy something, anything, just to see the other side :slight_smile:


What did you buy, and what made it awsome?


For once, if only, we have someone come here to praise a purchase. Hmm…maybe we’re not all bad afterall.:smiling_imp: