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My first gig (Advice and Meeting)

Hi everyone!

My name is Enes. After working full time for a while, I decided to work as a freelancer and I have been working as a freelancer for 1 year. My Fiverr adventure started 2 days ago. I know I am newbie for now, therefore I am opening this post to meet Fiverr members and get their advice. I am a person who works in many fields and turns his hobbies into work. That’s why I work in software, design and music industries. On the other hand, for a while, I did data entry work for social media agencies and large social media companies. I have a lot of experience in this subject. Therefore, I wanted to open my first gig in data entry field. I am open to advice and criticism about my first gig. I would also be happy to meet new people. After all, it is nice when sharing knowledge and experience. Thank you in advance for your important criticism and answers.

My gig link:

Best Regards.
Enes Duru