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My first gig. Any advice what i should improve?

I created my new Gig ever . Can someone tell me there are any mistake in my Gig?

Except Instagram are any site /groups i can promote myself? I know it might take a time to have 1st customer.

thanks for any adivce :slight_smile:


These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will design a professional logo for you
In the gig description:
“I’ll create an logo” could be “I’ll create a logo”

The main gig image gets cropped on the profile. If it was more like 1.619:1 aspect ratio it wouldn’t as much.

In the profile:
Maybe change “When i not do graphic i listen music.”


ohh thank you <3 for advice!

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good luck ! you need more examples of your job…

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Ohhh ok i will remeber about this!!