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My first gig created yesterday does not appear anywhere


Hi, I have created my first gig yesteday and it does not appear in the list of my category. How long does it take before it appears ?

Thank you for your answers.


as far as I know, your gig must be accepted by fiverr team first. I believe it could take about 72h for this.

but be patient, fiverr has a very long road. 72h is nothing


Fiverr’s check and indexing could take a couple days or more. I had one gig that took over a month to show up. Or, if you didn’t scroll far enough you may have just missed it in the search results.


Thank you. I’ll be patient, though.


Thank you for your answer. I have checked every gigs in my selected section, but I hope it won’t take a month. :slight_smile: Thank’s for you answer, anyway.