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My First Gig Denied :(

Fair enough, without thinking I used the name of another popular website in my Gig’s title… so I’m assuming that was the problem.

But it was a lot of work setting the Gig up, and all I need to do is change one word, but I can’t see a way to edit my Gig now that it’s been moved into the “Declined” zombie zone.

I can’t even find it on the site so I can manually recreate it step by step.

Is there a way to save the effort of having to redo the entire process from scratch?

Thank for your help!

Sometimes you can find a cached copy on Google. If the gig offered reviews, though, you have a strong chance of getting it denied again. It has to fit in an extremely narrow window now to get a review gig past the editors once you are on their radar.

No way… Try to create another gig…Thank You!!

King Land

I offered review responses… to help business owners post responses to negative reviews to help turn around an upset customer. You’re making me think that my legitimate service has been collateral damage from the phoney review services. Thanks for your reply.

Yes, it could be. You could always contact Customer Support, give them the gig description before you create the gig, and ask if they’ll OK it. I know some sellers have done that before when making a gig that is on the “edge.” If they OK it, you can create it without worry.

Thanks, that’s a great idea.

Same happened to my gig.

come on down to the champagne room where frowns are turned upside down :wink: