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My first gig - I'm so excited!

I just created my first Gig on Fiverr and hope it all turns out well. I created this gig about creative modern & minimalist logo design.

Please check out my gig and send me a quick review of it.


Welcome. Best Of Luck. Nice Gig

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Your gig is awesome. And adding a video gives your gig another feather.
But I think you have made a mistake in your description in the last line. In the package section, you have written that you will deliver the logo in 1 day. And in the description you have written that the logo will be delivered to the buyer in 24-48 hrs. I think it will be good if you be specific to the buyer.
Overall, your gig is really fantastic. Good description and about.
All the best @toslimh.


best of luck. e sure you will boost your skill in future

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks @gauri_pasarkar
After you mentioned that there is a mistake in my description, I fixed it. You can check out my gig again and inform me what can i do next to get order. I will be waiting for your response.

Have a nice day. Take Care

Thanks I will try my best to achieve more skills.

I am unable to see the correction @toslimh . I still see the same error.

Can you please tell me which description you talk about ?

I’m new to fiverr as a seller so I won’t be giving advice based on my experience.

I may be a bit harsh, but thinking as a potential buyer there are a couple of things that would stop me from ordering:

  • Your logos doesn’t look minimalist. I would also say don’t look modern to me but that may be more subjective. If I’m searching for minimalist logos and I see some of your examples I would close your gig and keep searching.
  • If you are a logo designer you should be your first client. Having four different logos for yourself shows that you don’t have a clear brand identity yourself.

So this

get a lifetime brand identity that will destroy your competition

become just buzzwords.

As far as I know the logo design space in Fiverr is wildly competitive. You may need to be creative, smart and committed to stand out to potential buyers.

Keep improving and good luck!

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Best of luck for the gig @toslimh

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Hi, @toslimh
Your gig so nice and I give a fav on your gig and I hope you get order very soon.
Thank you

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Thanks for your information @alejocamaleon
I will fixed it as soon as possible.

Thank you so much @qbo_xero_pro

It’s a great pleasure for me that you add my gig on your favorite.
Thank you so much man @developermdsk
keep in touch with me. Have a nice day :heart:

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nice gig…:blush::blush:

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Your are a genious I think.
And I love your suggestions.
Thank you

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Where you have written that you will deliver in around 24-48 hrs. Its the last line of your gig description

I have added a review of a buyer for a work that I completed on seo last month. Will it be helpful for my gig?

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