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My first gig in Fiverr Market

First gig in Fiverr
Hello, Dear Fiverr community. I am excited to publish my first gig in Fiverr. I believe, This would be one of the main reason of my success. I am professionally GIS expert and a Graphic Designer. I have completed a plethora of Training on GIS and Remote Sensing. Recently, I have participated as a trainee in Graphic Design Course under LEDP (Learning and Earning Development Project) supported by ICT ministry. I published my first gig on GIS and Remote Sensing in Fiverr last couple of days ago. Here is the link.
Don`t hesitate to take the support from me if you have some kinds of tasks that I can do for you.
Please visit my link to promote my gig and implement my skill on such an amazing marketplace.
Here is the link of the GIG

Kausar Hossein

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