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My first Gig is not visible in search result... :(


Hello Guys!

Graphics360_ here. I’m here to share my bad experience with my first gig in fiverr. I have created my fiverr account in April 2017 with a gig “Facebook Instant Article”. Just within a week I have received my first order. After that I have switched on vacation mode for a month, as I was travelling for my treatment. When I came back I turned off vacation mode. But unfortunately I my gigs impression gone down. Still my gig is not visible in search result where only 57 search results are available for this keyword “Facebook Instant Article”.

I would highly appreciate if anyone suggest me how I could make is visible in search result. :slight_smile:

here is my gig link:



How many number of impressions are per a day?


below 10. :expressionless: