My first Gig is now up with video, Stressfull times!


Hey Everyone!

My name is Costas and I’m born and raised in Scotland… After spending a few weeks on fiverr doing research, making the odd purchase to see how it all works, I finally made my first gig… which actually took me about 8 hours to do which I wasn’t expecting.

The video had to be a specific file type which meant after I edited and attempted to upload my intro video… it wasn’t recognized. So changed the format, and now with the new file type (which is now recognized) once it was approved a couple hours later, the dimensions where off so footage shot from different cameras came up in very odd ways, and the effects wouldn’t appear.

So re-editing and toying around… 8 hours later… it’s up and processed! I changed the description about 4 times as well to really fine tune the gig.

Unfortunately my gig will revolve around extras (due to amount of time video editing takes) I can’t use that feature until level 1. Which took me a while to figure out.

Safe to say my experience so far in Fiverr as a new seller is a very stressed and time consuming one but I am also excited at the same time.

But if anyone could give feedback on my gig on the description and video presented that would be great!



welcome to fiverr! sorry about your bad experience


Thanks for the replies guys!

the title is corrected, thanks :slight_smile:

as for the gig of providing original footage, I would have to travel to capture that… Or vice versa so I am unsure how to incorporate that.

3. Yes it is a lot, but unfortunately I have to undercut the competition until I can create gig extras which means not a lot of money for a lot of work, all thanks to fiverr there really.

4. Unsure how this would work as the buyers can’t purchase extras or re-purchase my gig until the original is complete. I would have to make separate gig channels I think.

5. I tried using Line breaks in the description so each Star is a separate line, but somehow what it shows in the edit tool and what it shows in the gig page are 2 different things.

b. expertise is already shown, extras aren’t due to reasons above.

c. my youtube link is shown?

thanks for the additional tags but fiverr won’t let me add more.

What do you mean my PGV is no longer showing? It shows on my preview screen.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Amazing video! Good luck

oldbittygrandma said: 3. 60 seconds of original footage is a lot to offer at the $5 price.

I couldn't agree more...

One more thing, your offering is very broad, and 'All-in-one' like... corporate, educational, sports, weddings, music gigs, gaming all in one gig... I would make them separate gigs, more focus.


Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

I changed the filming part, you are correct! Although it has now given me a really good idea as a gig extra. :wink:

I had 2 messages for sales enquiries, so that’s a start!

Fiverr doesn’t have sub categories to create other gigs offering different film types such as one for sports, one for weddings, one for educational. So I would have to create multiple gigs under the same sub category?

Why not just have it under one since I can be broad, and make it easier on the buyer that everything is there.

Thanks Arnevb, I have noticed when i spent 8 hours yesterday uploading and re-uploading video… But I am not willing to spend any more time on it unless I know the dimensions of which fiverr compresses and embeds the video, as the video plays fine with no borders on my own desktop so it’s definitely fiverr’s doing.


Excellent! I will try that when I remake the video… Thanks for that. Appreciated.

what do you refer to as h.264?

Also I see some intro videos longer than 30 seconds… Can my video also be longer?




I wholeheartedly wish you luck on your gigs wolfstarpicture.

I have a question, are you allowed to link a sample YouTube video in your gig description?

I mean, I don’t see why not. But if so, that is huge to me. Thanks


Patient I am… but there get’s to a certain point you just wanna strangle stuff b-(

Hey Fiverphil, good question… and seeming how my gig passed the review from the Fiverr police I would assume so. I thought it was safe to put it on because other established sellers were doing the same.


wolfstarpicture and arnevb

Thank you for the response, that info is HUGE!

You could essentially put your entire portfolio into a video, or walk-through your process.

And WolfstarPicture: Never give up, and never STOP expanding. Keep promoting outside of Fiverr. If you have down time, then work on coming up with your next gig. You could do multiple video gigs, or come up with more services. Doesn’t matter how small. Keep Expanding. Your gigs look quality so far. Good Luck!


@wolfstarpicture, don’t worry. As you do more, it will get easier, quicker, and best of all, less stressful. You will develop a rhythm that will help you create gigs and videos so fast, you will look back and laugh. Yes, 8 hours is stressful, but in due time, I can honestly say that it will be easier and faster for you.


Reply to @fiverphil:

Thanks that is great information… really glad to have the support from you guys.

Yeah your right hotwebideas, The biggest annoyance is everytime i create a gig for the first time it appears as a message saying "You have appeared to have already made this gig twice, we suggest you restart"

No matter what I do or change it won’t go further, So I have to restart the whole gig process again and re do it. big annoyance lol.

Xmas tomorrow guys, get excited!

wolfstarpicture said: You have appeared to have already made this gig twice, we suggest you restart"

Yes, that has happened to me and I truly believe that it is a bug on Fiverr's part and nothing that you did wrong at all. I really do wish they would fix that. I assume that they did it to prevent sellers from creating duplicate gigs to prevent the system being cheated, but they made it TOO careful. They just need to finetune their algorithm.

Next time that does happen to you, do what I do and copy your description to a text editor and save the file so you can just paste it in next time. I suggest copying everything and not just your description. Copy your gig's title, tags, and the instructions.

I hope this helps!



Reply to @hotwebideas:

Yes I agree, bit buggy on Fiverr’s part.

Haha indeed I started doing that after the 2nd time it bugged out, so now I just have 2 tabs open, and copy over the create a gig from one to another. Pain though.

On the other hand.


Shame he left me f*** all!



Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Hey Jo. Great minds thing alike. LOL Look at my comments above. I suggested the same thing yesterday.


Reply to @wolfstarpicture: if you need any help, you can surely ask me.