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My First Gig / No order yet

I’m old user, one year ago i create gig but until now I haven’t gotten my first order


you have to send 10 buyer request daily . You willl get order soon , please improve your gigs also .

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how do you send order request

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You need to active in Fiverr around at least 10 hours a day. Need to create good looking and professional gigs. Need to send all the buyer request all the time. You will get order soon.

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something must be off with your gig , the average new order per user from what I hear on the community us 1 month , you can switch it up and try and other gig !

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Thankyou guys for your response

ya i did it, but i dunno untill now i haven’t order

Ok, i’ll try thankyou

I do it like others do, maybe you have an example of your version of the order send request ?