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My first Gig! No orders yet but I'm optimistic

Hi! I created my Fiverr account a short while ago and made my gig, but it’s just been sitting there with no real traction. I know that as a new seller it’s difficult to gain traction, which is why I’m not discouraged. This is my profile:

If you’re interested in translations and proofreading, look through and consider giving me a shot! Otherwise, any advice that you may have on improving my Gig is welcome!


Have you improved your gig images and thumbnails? A study has shown that thumbnails can maximize you conversion rate, always keep them simple and include on single compelling image to attract new clicks, you may be just few clicks away from your fisrt order !! keep your self optimistic !

I’ll look into making a nice thumbnail since I hadn’t done that, thanks a lot! I’ll definitely stay optimistic :slight_smile:

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good luck to you on fiverr and have a nice journey !

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