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My first Gig not Publishing. Please help

Yesterday I just create my first Fiverr GIG. When I click on Publish Button it goes Automatically to Overview section (In create GIG). I just check all my information which I put in GIG, then I changed all but still not posting.

So any solution for that please. Now the GIG is in Draft box.

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Make sure all info is put in and saved. If it still doesn’t work, contact CS.

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To add to what the previous poster mentioned. You also want to make sure that whatever you’re using in terms of video, etc. are within the accepted format and duration. At times it will take a bit for the approval. If you don’t hear back within a business day and haven’t received any notification via email or message, it’s best to reach out to customer service.

I wish you well.


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Contact with CS…

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you try to another. I hope your problem will be solved. otherwise, you contact to Fiverr support.

How could I contact CS???

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Scroll all the way down to “Help and support” a link at the bottom of the page. Scroll down on that page to “Seller Help Center”, scroll down on that page to “contact us” then you should be able to put in a ticket for the problem

Thanks a Lot for your cooperation :slight_smile: