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My first Gig on fiverr - Wow!

Hey, hope you’re all doing well! I just joined Fiverr because, like many others, i’m stuck reception due to the Pandemic… i’m knowledgeable SEO Marketer.

I created my first gig ([ ]) and that i was wondering if anyone could glance at it. I read through the Terms of Service already, but it’s very long and that i may have missed something. If so, please let me know.

I have a couple of other gigs in mind, but i would like to urge this one right so i will be able to know what mistakes to seem out for once I am making the others.

It would even be appreciated if anyone could let me know their first impressions

Best Regards

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Why did you copy this post? This is rather rude, lazy, and very deceptive. If you can’t write your own request for help, then that makes me think you copied your gigs too.