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My first gig post! Distance Energy Support ✨

Please offer any tips, feedback or suggestions. This is my first gig post. :partying_face:

Also, I’d love to offer you distance support with a quantum bioenergetic device!

Maintain your gig image quality, Take care about your Description, Look after your gig pricing compare with other’s then decide. First focus on your keywords and meta tag.
Best of luck.
Thank You.
Take love from Bangladesh. :love_letter:

@alimranmayeen1 thank you so much for these kind tips.

Where do you put your keywords and meta tags?

How is Bangladesh? I talked to a friend today from India that I met in McLeodGanj a year ago and now is in Pondicherry.
With gratitude.
From Palm Springs California :palm_tree:

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I’m going to take my shower. After this I will reply to your question… :grin: :laughing:

Thank you. I’ll see it tomorrow after sunrise.

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