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[My first GIG] Soccer mobile game with custom faces - Suggestions?

Hi, I just published my first gig
It’s a world cup themed mobile game, I which I will place faces from a picture into the game and customize logos, team names, colors, etc…

Any suggestions are welcome

Im at loss here. :frowning:

Read and do the fiverr tutorial again…, you are missing a lot here…,

No enough information,
Package description is very poor :frowning: and the basic info : “Just for Fun?”
People won’t bother to pay you $5 just for having fun when there a ton of free app today
Your actual game image is not shown?

Just my opinion,
Wish you luck :slight_smile:

Best regards,
Ridwan Sugi

Thanks! Maybe the video was under revision when you checked it

I agree with you that people that want it for having fun might not find it on fiverr, maybe fiverr is the wrong distribution channel for this, however I wanted to give it a try and have some validation before I make a freemium version published on google play

In order to improve my description, may I ask what doubts came to your mind when you read it?

Thanks in advance