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My First Gig. Take A Look

Hey guys i just put up my first gig after days of doubting myself and and asking if it would work, but i finally did it. I am a Graphics Designer by the way. i won’t lie i only have just have two years worth of experience in it , but i believe in myself well enough to fulfill the requests of clients. I’d appreciate if you take a look at my gig. & also I’d appreciate some feedback.

Thanks and Cheers to the forthcoming success and clients.

Suggest you take a look at other sellers in your category re pricing. New sellers usually reduce their prices until they move up the levels.

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Lots of luck to you! This isn’t my niche, but I would second what’s been said. Definitely check the prices of others with similar gigs, make sure that your prices are comparable or lower. Also, be careful with grammar. Make sure to capitalize “I” in your description. Great grammar shows that you are professional and prepared. I like the logos displayed in your pictures :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much. really appreciate the advice.

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Thank you very much. really appreciate this.

@hamzaediter0344 If you want to tell people about your gigs you need to make your own post under the category My Fiverr Gigs.


Gig looks good, and I like the package options too. Regarding the suggestions above, I’m 50/50 on the concept these days, and thought I would share why. :slight_smile:

Option 1: Reduce pricing now

With this option, it is easier to gain attention out of the crowd, no doubt there. However, the down side isn’t even “getting paid less for your time”. For me (I mainly offer content writing services now), going this route has made increasing prices a challenge.

Starting out - I reduced my pricing to compete with other sellers (500 words for $5). After Fiverr fees, this left only $0.008/word, but it started getting attention quickly.

The downside - I have tried slight price increases over the last several years, and every time new orders slowed (or stopped), even with my repeat buyers!

The same has went for clients I have off Fiverr too. They started with, let’s call it an ‘introductory rate’, but always slow or stop ordering when I mention a price increase.

This has put me in a bind because with low prices, I can get in more work than I can personally handle. However, after 20% to Fiverr and roughly 20% to taxes, that’s $0.006/word, so I cannot afford to send it to my team of writers. :eyes:

Option 2: Starting at full price:

Obviously people would clearly see your ‘regular’ pricing and understand that is what you charge. You wouldn’t have to deal with the ‘prices are increasing’ situation above and risk losing clients.

The downside - It will be much harder, if not impossible to get your first order if you do not have a following already. People on and off Fiverr price compare. Unfortunately, this often results in people ordering low-quality service to save money, etc.


well spoken. I really appreciate the advice.