My first gig took me hard 😑


Hi Fiverr Community!
I’m Majs Creator… I’m expert in T-shirt designing… check out my first gig :blush: is it good for making sale or not?


Hi, you may think about placing the first thumbnail of your Gig with one of the two body T-shirt mockups, they look more professional.

On the other hand, I understand everybody shall be proud of their own work, but by placing Tags like: “awesome” and “professional” without specifying what is so awesome and professional (hint: T-shirts?) potential buyers would have a hard time finding your Gig.

Create more Gigs and expand your possibilities to be found.

Personal advice: people may be susceptible about reading religious comments in a Gig, you’re free to leave that in your description, but understand that most buyers come from non-Muslim countries. If you want to be 100% available to sell to everybody it would be wiser not to include any religious statement in your profile IMHO.


Can u plz explain this?
Thanks @wuerz123 And I made changes of the things you said… check it again.