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My First Gig-Translation

i will translate any language to any other language

Interesting. Do you, personally, speak and understand the over 12 languages that your gig claims to be able to offer translation services for?


Go on then, translate that. Without Google Translate.

okey i will :slight_smile:

Not you, silly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just in case, for @hassanch999 only - you actually say ANY language. Can you translate this, the real meaning, not just word-for-word software translation? I actually have a fiction piece to be translated, but to get it right it won’t come out correctly through a software engine.

I’ve been quoted $150 by a native speaker to translate the whole story into English, with subtle meanings included. Here’s a sample: Min tante har en bønne i hendes næse. Translate it here with subtlety and we’ll talk.

My question is that you don’t state how much words/pages you will translate,
which I think is quite unusual. Are you willing to translate a whole book??
お持ちだということになりますが。「 ゆく河の流れは絶えずして、しかももとの水にあらず。」これをどう英訳されるのか個人的にとても興味がありますがいかがでしょう。

It does say literature in the gig along with “any” language in the title. I might like to have a copy of a nice long Shakespearean play translated to Klingon for $5.

“My aunt has a nice [i hendes] nose?” I can tell its a Scandinavian language (I’m guessing Danish), but there endeth my guesswork. I will translate everything poorly for you for just $5!*

*Ich bin ein Luegner


Yes, looks like Danish which is somewhat similar to Norwegian. So I’m guessing “My aunt has a bean in her nose?”

hahaha, exactly! And I have to say, the google translation you left above is 95% OK, but still have grammar errors…so yeah, never use google if you want an accurate translation! :smiley:

I’m sure the Star Trek fans would love that…I did hear from my nerd friend though, that a “Klingon dictionary” actually exists…

I think someone has even done some kind of play in actual Klingon! I’m not a major Trekkie myself but I have friends that are, and I’ve heard it’s a fairly developed language for a media-created one!

Well, the OP has not come back to gain improvement for the gig, so the thread will be moved to My Fiverr Gigs for ad purposes. To the OP - I know there has been a bit of fun had here due to your rather mighty claim of ability to translate all languages. That said, it’s hard to judge much else about your gig with what you’ve presented.

Other people have made similar claims, though usually they are using software and their translation gigs tend to not do that well. My real suggestion would be to narrow the translation service to languages that you (and your team if you have one) really are extremely fluent in. Otherwise you are likely to get either no sales or have some unhappy buyers. Good luck.