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My first greeting

Hello, everyone. I’m SHAH ALAM, a Graphics Designer having more than 4 years of experience and I’m a highly innovative, creative, and hardworking individual freelancer.

But I am a new user of as well as a new member of Fiverr Forum. I want to build up my carrier as Graphics Designer before entire the world. I have already gone through the terms and conditions of Fiverr and Fiverr Forum. And then I’ve joined here. But none can be always perfect alone. So, I want to get more support and information from you. I’ll also share my experience here.

Thanks to all.


Hey There!
You should go through the essential freelancers course and give the english test for more engagement and impression! It’ll help you alot!


@kreaturefx thanks a lot.

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You’re welcome! :grin:
What gigs do you have active now?

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@kreaturefx business card design
and logo design

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you are most welcome

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Welcome to Fiverr and wish you the best of luck in the journey of this fantastic platform besides staying tuned in the Fiverr forum which will assist you to increase your knowledge and thus will improve your performance. besides, you can make a master plan which will help you to research that how can be improved gig positioning.


@amzad_acca Ok. I will try my best, dear bro.

@prologoseller10 I appreciate your support, Ma’m.

Hi Shah Alam,
Welcome to Fiverr and Fiverr Community forum.
Don’t worry, your success is waiting ahead. Experienced people are always dominated by Fiverr, and you have it.
Now you have to gain a very good idea about Fiverr, which will help you a lot.


@mehed11 for your motivational response, dear bro.

It takes time and effort to build your Fiverr business.

Check out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait!


Thanks a lot, brother.