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My first month as a Fiverr seller rocked!


I just wanted to say thank you for an incredible market place, I am seriously impressed.

Just over a month ago I published my first gig, not really expecting much. I went shopping, came home an hour later and found I had made a $40 sale.

On seeing this I quickly added a few more gigs.

Over the last month I have made 28 sales and made a total of $244. It didn’t take me long at all to make it to a Level One Seller. I have 23 positive reviews and a 5 star rating.

What an awesome and exciting experience this has been! Honestly I never expected much from Fiverr. I had heard it is an awesome way to make an extra income and I have been a member for over a year making the odd purchase.

Now I can see that with time Fiverr will be adding a lovely side income to my full time career of blogging.

I can’t wait to see how this develops in 2017!

Have a Merry Christmas tomorrow!

My first month as Fiverr seller rocked!

Lynne, Thant is quite an accomplishment, congratulations! 244 may not seem
that much, but it can and will grow, wishing you to pass the 1k mark in the
next six month and then sky is the limit! Merry Christmas!


Great start! Keep up the great job and Merry Christmas!


Thank you! It would be amazing to pass the 1k mark in sales here, that would be incredible :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas to you too!


Thank you! Merry Christmas, I hope it is a special and magical day for you and your family.


Congratulations. Keep learning and Keep earning. Hopefully next month you’ll double that :slight_smile:


Congratulations! I joined this December as well. My earnings are around $300. I didn’t expect that at all but it’s a great start!! Keep going! :thumbsup:


Congratulations on this wonderful experience, this can only mean in 2017 you will even make more money


Congrats, so nice to hear that you are also finding success here :slight_smile: Keep going and I wish you plenty more in 2017!


Perhaps you should let us know what your gigs are.


Wow! I haven’t made any sales yet (I posted my first Gig a few days ago) but it’s awesome to hear your experience!


Wow very nice keep it up


Thats quiet a lot I would say considering you have made this amount in just 1 month. Hope you keep rocking even in 2017. Good luck for your future sales and Merry Christmas to you :slight_smile:


Way to go! What an inspiration to new sellers!


Wow Great start. keep up the great job and always help others …and hope you will be a level two or top rated seller soon. Best wishes :slight_smile: Merry Christmas to you


I hope you make a sale soon! Best of luck :slight_smile:


You are welcome to check out my gigs.


Thanks so much @perfectionist23 and a very Merry Christmas to you too!


Yes reaching Level Two will be an amazing achievement ! Thank you @creativedexign, I hope you also had a wonderful Christmas.


i will love to make some income like you too :smile: it’s awesome and very very cool i can’t lie, looking forward to 2017 development i use to be a blogger too but not anymore. :relieved: