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My first month experience


Hi guys.

I didn’t believe that I can earn some decent money, working online.
But that all changed, in first month I made 28 orders, 26x 5 star rating and it made me 800$ so in first two weeks I already made to level one seller.
But how its going now?
Only 3 orders done in whole month. Dont know what happened :frowning:


This may be helpful to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR


Hello we have all been there, trust me. Sales are not the same all months. It depends on many things. I advice you to keep working, keep promote and send buyers requests and i believe you will get more sales soon.Good luck

Maria S.


It might be that you got fiverr boost. In some cases fiverr giving a “boost” to new sellers and displaying them with higher ranking but after some time moving it back to where it stands in comparison to their gigs.

(But the fact that you got 20+ orders in first month means that your gig is quite attractive and it’s just matter of time for you to get your sales back)


Your just hitting a slow down, any business doesnt blast off to the moon non stop till eternity. The key is to arrange you financial and personal life so that when your e-business goes through a slump it doesn’t effect you. I am a day trader but I also still work normal jobs so that when trading is slow, it doesn’t effect my normal life. Hope that helped :+1:

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Hi there
I am here almost 4 month ,and i complete 4 order
but now i did’t get any new order

What can i do at this situation anyone can advice mr

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The main reason is 4.8 * on your best seller gig … This is good review but When buyer will see your gig among many gigs of 5* .The click chances on your gig will 20%. 80% difference .And this is the truth .


Orders vary depending on the months brother. In my first month, I too got many orders. But in the 1 st week of the next month, one my fav gig got denied. Due to that I got less number of orders in that month. But again in the next month, orders got increased.

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