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My first Month- Is Fiverr a Heaven or Hell?

Hello Everyone,
I’m Nayeem aka @n4y33m. I joined Fiverr in 19th February and today is 19th March.I am really excited about getting my level 1 badge.
In first 29 days, I completed 19 orders and today is a very exceptional day for me.So I’m creating this topic to share my experience.

I’m a computer engineering student. I love computers and work with coding and the internet become my passion.
I started here with some small task, so created some gigs that I didn’t create a gig with a bigger task and high price.
Today I get an order from a buyer who’s budget was around $158 so I was nervous, but in the end, I did finish my job with 100% satisfaction like the other 19 orders. And for that, I will profit around $126 from only one order.

I’m writing everything for only one reason. Being a tech enthusiast I was confident that I can help people in some way, but I never, though, my first month will be a big list with 20 orders complete and more than $220 profit.
to think about profit, I know it’s not enough for some people but living in a developing country, for me, it’s like a dream. So my point is, I’ve never worked for earning before and all newbie out there who are confident in their ability like me, I’m gonna tell you one thing, just hang in there. Every pro seller here was a newbie like us someday. Now they are there and we will be there too. Wait for us…

thanks to Fiverr. I hope I can get the money to complete my M.Sc from this site.
Then at least, It’ll be “no more burden to my family and my country” for me :slight_smile:


god bless you dear brother <3 :slight_smile:

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thanks :slight_smile:

You are very passionate and positive thinking guy.:airplane:
I’m sure you ll attain your level 2 badge in coming month. May Allah bless you a lot and best of luck for your M.CS ,as you are a student of computer science,right?

Aman :slight_smile:


Congrats Nayeem! Very impressive for first month, good luck in future, keep up good work. :wink: :slight_smile:

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Yes. I am! Thank you so much for best wishes :innocent:

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Thank you :innocent:
I will do my best and look forward to achieve my goals :smile::smile::smile:

Congratulations. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:

thank you :innocent::innocent::innocent: (20 Char.)

I enjoyed reading this Nayeem. :clap: I hope your fellow countrymen and women, and people from other countries, too. Read this and learn something from it! Posting rubbish like; “I need money, and I need it now” or expecting a TRS badge before they even hit the ground running. Your fresh outlook, approach and the way you conduct yourself speaks volume. Keep doing what you’re doing and stay motivated always. :sunglasses: :tada:


Doing great!. All the best.

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Thanks, I’m glad you liked it. All i wrote is for newcomers being a newcomer :grinning:


I request you to write your success story in your social media for that (Bangladeshi) freelancer who is feeling frustrated not to getting the task in the marketplace.

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Thank you for your suggestion. If you think that’ll be good then I’ll post in fiverr BD group soon :slight_smile:

I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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i think u r a true inspiration to your countrymen

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Nah! You said too much. I’m just a newbie, working here to earn some money for me and helping some great buyers. Wrote my experience to newcomers to believe in themselves.
BTW, thanks and wish you good luck. :slight_smile:


My topic deserve a place there :laughing::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@n4y33m You rock bro! In my first fiverr month, I had one order that was over $50, which was something for me at the time. That was some 3 years ago. If you keep working hard and always give the best effort for your buyers here on fiverr there is no “winter” for you. :slight_smile:

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Thank you :wink:
I didn’t get orders for last 4 days, but got 3 today :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m becoming more and more :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

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