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My First month of Fiverr experience


I have created this account on 23 October 2018. I am very happy because the first month I have completed 5 orders with 5* review and also 2 order cancellation :sweat: . However, a long way to go. Everyone should be patience and hard work also day by day to improve your skill. Then I think everyone you will win one day


Congratulations. All the best.



you are really lucky & hard workerā€¦


Hope your next month is what you expect. Congratulations for your nice start.:slight_smile:



Congrats. :facepunch:


congratulations to you




Thanks @tshrgood1 i hope so :blush:


Congratulatoonsā€¦ I think there something wrong with my gigs. I am not getting any order. Although I am not able spare much time aldo.


sagorself, congratulations and thank you! Your words are inspiring. :+1:


Congratulations. All the best


I received my first order just after 2 hours of posting gig(MashaALLAH) but i did a wrong.I wanted to to show the buyer my initial work for his recommendation.But i submit it as final know ā€œfirst order confusion and nervousnessā€.Also the countdown clock make you a crazy fighting with clicking .


Congratulations! Keep it up.


Congratulations you are lucky.


Congratulations.go aheadā€¦


Buyer request is very important for new seller . Send buyer request that your related skill . I hope you will get order soon


Thanks :blush: first time someone inspires for my words :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations. You are an inspiration to new comers like me. Keep posting.


Congratulations ! Its true to be positive.