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My first month on fiverr $0 😥


Hello everyone, how are you ? how much your earn first month ?

more click but no Order

How can i solve this problem ?


Some people wait months to get their first order and don’t earn anything. Fiverr is not a get rich quick platform.

Check out: for hundreds of tips on how to get orders.

Take time to read, learn, and take action!

That is the only way to get orders and earn anything!

There is no other way! :slightly_smiling_face:


okey thanks :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Fix your Gig titles. Humans buy Gigs, not algorithms. Plus, I’ve seen no evidence to suggest keyword stuffing in Gig titles makes much of a difference to overall ranking.


yes. thank you for your comment


Try going with only one gig per service. You’re competing against yourself by having multiple gigs offering the same thing, and Fiverr doesn’t like multiple gigs anyway. :wink:


Thanks for your important message


Be patient and try to get more experience from this forum just as we are getting. It will take us some time to get in this vast platform. I also haven’t gotten order yet by the way… :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::yum:


Hello Diba:

I am approaching the end of my first month also and have no finished work to show for my profile either. I think the most difficult thing for new people is to have patience, I am experiencing the same panic as you at times. However, I believe everything happens for a reason and maybe I need to learn patience, although, I am getting tired of waiting (lol).

Are you using social media to let people know you are here for them and are they seeing your gigs on Google, Instagram, twitter or other social media outlets? I watched a webinar yesterday where the host stated 50% of our work needs to be telling people we are here, if we don’t, how will they know and we won’t get work. We need to drive buyers to us on fiverr and we need to learn how to do that by going on YouTube and finding marketing video’s especially those pertaining to your speciality.

I hope this will help you get that ‘panic’ under control and help give you some direction as to next steps, listening to these video’s has been a blessing to helping me and this coming week I plan on contacting over 100 production companies to say “hi, I’m a voice over artist and you need me and I need you”. Can’t hurt.


It’s such a supportive community here. I know it’s tough. Keep at it!

I think one of the biggest things that has helped me is offering things that few sellers do, if any. I don’t really have a lot of competition.

Another thing that has really helped me is to have a video on a gig page. That helps you make a strong case for someone to hire you and it helps the prospective buyer get to know you and see if you’re a good fit.

I am also a professional writer and communications consultant, so this has helped me make myself look much more professional than a lot of sellers out there. Your English needs to be perfect.


Don’t give up! Make your description and portfolio much more better. Work on that every week or two. If you have clicks and views but no order, maybe you have bad gig description or portfolio.


I’m one of those freelancers who doesn’t believe in waiting :slight_smile:
When I don’t get the results I expect in the time frame I set for myself I jump into action. I know it can be annoying at times to other people, but I just can’t sit and be patient. Usually my first thought is that I’m doing something wrong or I could do something better.

If you haven’t made a single sale in 30 days then I’d recommend reviewing your gigs. You might even need to hire someone else to get some fresh eyes or do the business analysis for you.

Either way, 30 days is too long. Fiverr gives newbies a ranking boost at the beginning, but after 30 days I bet it is gone. You can check your analytics here. Are the impressions going up or down?

Or better yet, if you’re getting plenty of clicks and no sales then promotion is not the problem. The problem is actually in your gig which is not appealing enough to close the deal.


Make eye catching Gigs, select appropriate tags and give excellent description of your Gigs. Promote your Gigs on social media as much as possible.