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My first month on Fiverr. What I've learned. Success or not?

Just completed my fifth order. When I was creating my profile I wasn’t really convinced that I will make any money from Fiverr. I thought that I will wait few months for my first $5 order like many people here :roll_eyes:

Summary of my first month
I actually completed 5 orders in my first month :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: My first order I got after few days and I maintain 5.0 star rating. In this time I was working with different people and noticed how everyone have different needs and preferences, and how hard is it to satisfy everyone :grimacing: I earned 88.46$ which was 72$ in sales and 16.46$ in tips :sunglasses:

What I’ve learned

  • Customer service is as important as work quality or even more in particular cases
  • Freelancing is harder than normal job but much more rewarding in many ways
  • There is much more in freelancing than actually improving your niche skills and working on orders
  • Every customer have different needs and preferences
  • Advertising your gig is important as Fiverr may not give you much traffic sometimes

Bottom line
Im really excited about my future :smile: Making money with my passion is just heaven and I will fight so in future I can do it full time :wink: I need also to say that freelancing is just incredible.


It is incredible. We are our own bosses and we dictate our schedule and our time. My advice to you is be patient, optimize your gigs, get great images and promote them if possible on social media, blogs, youtube, etc so you can get the word out and increase your impressions, and hopefully get more orders. Good Luck :slight_smile:

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Im actually impressed by how much you achieved in such low time. Could you perhaps share one thing that you think was key in order to this score? :wink:

Dam. Nice job man. You got to working fast! From what I’ve seen and read online, getting orders in the first month is extremely difficult let alone 5 of them. Congrats to you!

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hard work, quality work, differentiation, getting into markets with demand. and ranking my gigs :slight_smile: hope this helps


I just started 4 days ago but no success. People I see are viewing it but maybe 1 gig is not enough. I want to work. But promotion is quite difficult. If I had money, Id promote but thats why I am here on Fiverr. Not sure how ranking gig works. Thats a new term for me. I would love to work hard and do quality work but I need to start somewhere to get the experience as well. Competition is every difficult regardless whether its online or in real life.

Hello @michal247 you have done great job in you 1st month in fiverr. Hope you will get more order to promote your gig in social media and optimize it. Good luck…

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It’s great to see that you’re aware of how important Customer Service is! Telling from my experience, I can say that it’s just as important as the service I’m offering. Over the years, I’ve learned that dealing with tough customers is the key here.

I think that for the first month, you’re doing pretty well and with the attitude you have, there is a potential for more. The only thing I would point out about this post, please use less emojis. This is just my personal preference though.

I don’t use them in communication with customers as well. I just find it a little bit unprofessional (in most of the cases) but that might be a matter of opinion.


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About 90% from my orders I got from buyer request. I think you will not have good gig ranking if you are new seller and don’t have any ratings or only few.

Even with buyers request, the odds of them landing on your gig is small. I do know that there are some gigs with downloaded or copied images of works. Competition is insane. $5 for a logo? Those are most templates from what I’ve heard. I want to not use them but designing a logo from scratch for $5 seems even less possible.

It is small but you have to start with something. I think you need to niche your gigs more. Im working on it also as I wasn’t receiving any order from fiverr search, and I think it’s because my main gig was in very competitive keyword with 9000+ gigs and I didn’t even could find mine. As I checked designing logo have 131 000+ gigs so you won’t really make any business here, you need to find your niche.

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Yeah, I had thoughts to try photoshop background edits or even transcriptions. But competition is starting to become an issue in every field as the amount of people making those gigs keep increasing becoming harder for new gigs to be seen. And the less competitive ones seems to be barely getting orders except for those who already have alot of orders and reviews done.