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My First Month!

Hey guys!

So I have read some people’s posts here and I thought that not getting an order in 1 week was bad…
I joined towards the end of July 2020 and I am on my way to completing my 7th order. Is it just me or is that not good. I thought you had to earn $400 in 60 days and I am only on $145.

I would love to hear your starting stories.

Thanks, Mahiee


I join to fiverr in November 2019, but I was offline for some time in the middle, I have been active for a month, within that I have really finished the work with success and complete seven order and I am still working with two orders, I hope I can finish these two successfully. Thanks

Hey, u’re doing much better then me. Im here since august and still have no orders. Seems that no1 can see me or something.