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My first negative buyer

Helloooooo Fiverrrrr!!!

I am over the Moon and beyond happy that I just had my first negative experience as a seller in the middle of the order! YES!!!

So, what happened?

The buyer was looking for someone to check his blog post and give critique on it, how is the text “coming off” to the potential reader.

QUOTE: “I need to ensure the tone matches what I’m trying to accomplish with the site.”

The word count was around 500-600, as per my GIG that is 5$, so he accepted and we started the order. He sends me the file.

And to my shock, nothing, no errors, just one, two comas missing, but other than that - nothing.
So I went on the sentence structure. Still OK.
And then I checked the “feel” if the text.
The text was well written, it had professional with slight witty kind of feel in it, overall perfect.
I also checked his entire web page and found some also minor grammar errors and reported that to him as well, and some photos were not aligned with the text. It was not part of the order, but, when I was there, why not tell?

And, after I told him that his text is perfectly fine…

He canceled the order with the remark: I am not qualified to do this work.

Now, if he had written anything else except attacking my qualifications, no, no, not gonna happen :smiley: :smiley:
I refused.

He did it again. This time he claimed I am not fluent in English.

Oh boy, did you step in the beehive.

A naval officer not fluent in English??

Khm. Yes. I declined.

And now we are waiting for the lovely CS to give their final say in all this.

But, I am loving it. I know now how it feels to have my order declined, I know how to refuse to accept that, I now have the tingles waiting to see what CS is going to say… oh happy day.

No matter what happens next I knew this will happen eventually. It happens to all.

Once you have your first it gets easier every time :D.

Thank you!!!

PS. I filed a report to CS but the countdown on the order is going. Do I deliver the file I proofread at the last minute or continue to wait for CS? It is due in 20 hours.


The trouble is, if it’s a negative buyer and the order completes and it’s your only order (first review) on that gig, the rating that the buyer gives will be the rating that gets shown for the whole gig. A negative review that’s the only review for the gig could make it harder to get more orders on that gig.Sometimes it might be better to just cancel. Reviews on a gig that has lots of reviews will have much less impact on the overall gig rating.

So, you are saying that if CS doesn’t respond by tomorrow I should ask and accept mutual cancellation?

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It’s up to you, though I think it might be better for the gig in the long run as it won’t have possible negative review. it’s possible the buyer might not leave a review since you would then get the chance to review your experience with him (which will show on his profile). But if he does review, since he’s unhappy (even though you did everything asked) it’s likely to be negative which would affect the whole gig’s rating. Though you could see what CS does/says (though if you leave it to go late, that would have about the same effect on stats as a cancellation). It’s difficult to decide. Though if it was me I’d probably cancel.

OK. I will wait 19 hours to see maybe CS manages to reach my request. if not, I will try to cancel. If not I will deliver my critique and live my life with whatever happens next.

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Here’s my 2 cents…

You did the work and therefore deserve to be paid, but…risking a bad review this early in the game over $4 sounds silly to me. Especially because in this case we can’t even say your buyer is getting work done for free, as you’ve said yourself the text was overall perfect and your input was minimal.

Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. He says you’re not qualified, so what? The way I see you can let this one go and give up the $4 you worked for, or keep declining the cancellation, get paid and have a record on your profile (in form of a review) saying that you’re not qualified/fluent in English, whether that’s true or not.


I don’t want money. I am not refusing the cancellation because of money. Of course, 5$ is not “that” important, but I do not agree my input was minimal.
I checked his text. That was the job. And the text had no errors.

Proofreading is not to be paid as per the number of errors you find.

If someone writes entirely cohesive text and wants someone to check it out, and instead of asking his friends, he goes on Fiverr and offers to pay 5$ for the service, it is his right.

But if he gave me some room for negotiation instead of canceling immediately, I would go at it again and rewrite the text. The gig was not rewriting; the gig was checking the text.

I gave him an appraisal.

I will offer to cancel tomorrow. I have to go to sleep now. Thank you.


Nowhere I said you shouldn’t be paid because you havem’t find ‘X’ errors. I literaly started my message saying you did the work and deserved to be paid, however it’s clear to me that’s not your best route of action for the reasons explained above.

If someone hires me to review their website and I don’t find anything wrong with it I’d say my input was minimal/non existent. That doesn’t mean I didn’t do the work or didn’t invest time on it (for which I should be paid), it simply means I haven’t given anything actionable that would improve what they already had.

Also to say there were no errors is a bold statement, in the sense you might have missed one or two. It could very well be the buyer is using this ‘perfect’ text to test out sellers, and may have thrown a couple of curve balls there to see if they’d spot.

They would still not be entitled to a refund even if that’s the case as orders can’t be canceled based on their quality, but at this point we’re talking about cutting your loses rather than be wrong or right.

The only thing I think I’d do at this point is ask why they feel I’m not qualified to do the work. If they think I missed something.

Good luck

Sorry, I knew that you meant correctly and I was going to correct my post, but I received a message from CS, and they say they feel I am entitled to be paid, and I should ask to be paid, and if the buyer still refuses, they will help me with cancellation. So the moment I saw an email from CS, I jumped on it because I want to solve this before going to sleep. I told them I do not want his money and to guide me through the cancelation process, so my account is not affected.

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CS is always in buyer favor no matter how good you are

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It sucks, but it’s part of the journey. I’m glad you got it sorted today still. I know how those thing can weigh us down at times. If CS canceled it for you there’s a chance it won’t affect your stats, and if they sided with you the buyer may still get a warning. Not ideal but it’s something


No. Did you read what I said? They are on my side and offered to help me get my money, but I do not want money from him; I want to cancel and forget he exists.
But not with him claiming I am not qualified. All he has to do is say he doesn’t need my services, and he made a mistake when ordering.

It is okay Mam, we will beat them , work well

Hello, and good morning to you all.

The order was canceled, and it did affect my profile since now I have a 92% completion rate, but I am happy. EDIT: CS corrected this and now I am back at 100%.

The customer support responded promptly, reviewed my case objectively, and gave me options to get the money or remove the buyer from my portfolio. So in light of that, I am happy since now I know that Fiverr CS works up to the industry standard.

Yesterday was a day of a lot of new experiences on the Fiverr platform, and one user from the forum gave me a lot of homework to complete, so I have my whole Sunday covered with things to do.

Thank you all for replying to my “Fiverr experience” topic.

:vulcan_salute: Live long and prosper.


As a Star Trek fan… you just made me smile. :wink: