MY FIRST NEGATIVE FEEDBACK, what is she saying?


I don’t understand this buyer at all. This buyer ordered without contacting me first. Her order requested for a cryptocurrency article. However, I don’t write cryptocurrency articles for the general price, I have a separate gig for it. This seller obviously wanted × 2 of the usual cryptocurrency article delivery. However, I did not complaint. After doing the work I told the buyer to check through and request for revision if she is not satisfied.
After delivery, I doubted if she went through the work. She marked it complete, gave a negative feedback but a positive review.
I don’t seem to understand what the seller was saying in her feedback, but obviously it was negative.
Can anyone read her English!!

Seem like she reviewed in a haste and off she went!!


If you mean the “Cant to work with you again!!!” review it could mean “Can’t wait to work with you again!!!” given that the buyer has given you a high rating.


I don’t see any negative feedback :confused:

@uk1000 is probably right :smile:


Thank you very much @uk1000.
I hope my potential buyers see it the same way you do.


I don’t understand some buyers ! Really ! I’m a victim for similar reasons.