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My first negative feedback :(

I’m bummed, and I’m frustrated.

I just received my first negative feedback this morning. I’ve been a seller on fiverr for just about 3 months now. I made level 1 in the first month, level 2 in the second, and I’ve had about 170 orders in that time period. I have been busting my (you know what) delivering the best products and services I can. I’ve been committed to doing whatever I can as to hopefully be honored as a “Top Seller” at some point. Hard work, long hours, just like many of you are doing right now. And yet…

A buyer came to me wanting a spokesperson video and had a series of notes, but had no script (required). But I also have script gig, so that’s where we started. Apparently his frustration started when he placed the order for the script gig and the automated requirements message was sent. He thought that was me asking him for information he already provided in our previous discussion.

In the end, the negative feedback was because I delivered too late by his standards, even though I was on time per fiverr. Although no alternative timing was agreed upon, nor was the order expedited (as was available). I’m trying to work with him but he’s pretty upset. And to me, I’m sitting here thinking… I was contracted to provide a service, a price was agreed upon, and a delivery date expectation set. All of which I met. Not to mention, the end product he notes is what he wanted. And now I have negative feedback and a gig that is now downgraded so that it can no longer accept extras or multiples.

I’m trying to work out a mutual deal with him, but it’s not looking good. I also contacted customer service, but I understand that consideration of removing negative reviews is tough.

I just don’t know how you all keep your 100% reviews through thousands upon thousand of orders. So while I sit here frustrated, I have even more appreciation and respect for all of you who were are able to avoid what I just went though. I think I’ll need to do some much needed homework here on the forum to get a better feel how to avoid this situation in the future. Our course, if you have tips you’d like to share here, I welcome the feedback.


@cheezees: Thanks! I already filed a ticket. I’ll be sure to keep on it. I’ll also be focusing on ways in which I can eliminate confusion.

Customer support should remove this unfair feedback for you. Send screenshots of everything with an explanation of the buyer’s misunderstanding.

@psychicninadia: Thanks for the kind words about my gigs. I try very hard to deliver quality and value here. And while I agree with letting time pass, I think we are passed that point. We have been going back and forth and now it’s no longer about timing, it’s about my requiring a script in the first place. He didn’t understand why his notes weren’t really a script. Apparently he thought by my soliciting people to collaborate with me about their video, meant I would write, rewrite, or educate them how to do so… gratis. I also offer to make minor changes free, and he thought all his notes needed were minor changes.

I had a meeting with my business partner yesterday… prior to this, and thought that doing an video series about script writing, and preparing for the best video possible was a good idea anyway. Had I put this in place previously, perhaps this could have been avoided. I’ll be sure to make this a priority.

@tsweezey Hi Tim! What has happened to you is really a shame - I checked your gig and I understood what you talk about…

Besides contacting the CS to remove the feedback I would suggest you leave a day or half to pass and contact the buyer again. Explain him in a nice manner that what he accused you of is actually not your fault (you can always screenshot the automated message to provide proof of what you say. I know that this is a bit frustrating but it’s better to be polite towards him and maybe offer a freebie to compensate him (although it was not your fault) instead of waiting for CS to decide on the matter.

In exchange to whatever you offer him, you could politely ask him to review his feedback. But just give him a few hours to calm down before you attempt a final contact.

I am suggesting this because you’ve mentioned you were suppose to continue doing business with this buyer.So if this was a large or very compensating order, you could try your best to save the sale :slight_smile:

However,don’t worry on one negative feedback. The next positive you receive will balance your ratio again. This is life! I received my very first order today which I delivered in a few hours and got a nice feedback plus an extra order an a tip. Would I be worried if I got a negative feedback? Defo! After all I don’t have any other feedback to back my work up! But you have a really impressive collection of reviews hence, I don’t think this one negative will cost you anything.

Btw, really nice gigs, congrats!

If you can prove to fiverr custmer support that your client said they received what they want from you, and you delivered on time. Then you should have your negative review removed by customer support. Just need to prove that you haven’t done anything wrong. You can take some screenshot of your conversation.

Fortunately in his negative feedback he notes that he got what he wanted. It was the timing.

I was able to get a time-related negative removed, but my gig’s search ranking has been damaged and hasn’t recovered yet. I’ve been really careful with the buyers I deal with and have cancelled orders that look like they’re going awry. My cancellation ratio is at 5%, but I’m more concerned about feedback.

Keep pressing customer service. If the response doesn’t help, submit a new ticket. You shouldn’t have to accept unfair feedback.

Good luck getting your negative feedback removed. I check out your gigs and your quality of service is what I aspire to be here on Fiverr Starting out here. So kudos to you and good luck!

@tsweezey I had a bad feedback that stuck. It was in regards to making a typo. Fiverr said to “work it out with the buyer” but the buyer couldn’t prove the typo, but yet CS still wouldn’t remove the feedback. It sometimes depends who you get in CS. I have had just a few other bad feedback’s removed. One was in regards to, “Was expecting more” when it’s clearly stated what is offered in the gig, and the other one was because the user was angry in regards to a formatting issue that occured.

In regards to your situation simply state the order was delivered within the time-frame you mentioned so the gig wasn’t “late” but rather late by your buyers standards. This in itself shouldn’t yield a bad feedback to stay. Best of luck! I am sure it will get removed in no time. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. I do appreciate your feedback. I’ll keep the hope alive. CS has not had a chance to review yet, but I’m a little more optimistic now.

And at least now I’m less concerned about my path to Top Seller. I logged in this morning and wham! I made it! Go figure.

@danif88: Thanks so much for your kind words. I’ve been trying very hard to offer quality services. it means a great deal coming from another seller.

Well, no sure what happened, but he reversed thumbs down to thumbs up. Now I’m back to 100%. Meanwhile I’m working on how I can possible avoid situations like this in the future.

Thanks again for all your support. It’s much appreciated.

Reply to @tsweezey: Fantastic! :slight_smile:

Hi tsweezey,

Please contact fiverr support - they can help you with this. (once happened to me).

Thanks and good luck


Reply to @codabass: Are you being serious?

People who don't sell have no idea how bad negative feedback feels.  They feel they can be really critical.  Happened to me on ebay. Years of 100% positive and you sell a $2 item incl postage, and you get a negative that isn't justified, nor did he let me know!  It's just downright sad, but these people have NO idea.  It's beyond their universe of understanding when they have never been a seller.