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My first negative feedback

Well, sort of. Thousands of positive feedbacks, a few late delivery cancellations, no complaint ever about my work. This includes Fiverr and away from Fiverr. The other day, I got this:

“very worst content delivered, he will not do any revise in content also. waste of money and time. NOT RECOMMENDED”

And I, for one, am disappointed. Why?


  1. Buyer originally asked for the content to be delivered in 12 hours. I said no unless he pays extra (I have a specific gig extra for that)

  2. I delivered the content. I NEVER deliver content without checking it through CopyScape, Grammarly, and then having my friend have one final read through to make sure the content is perfect (yes, I do a lot for my customers, despite only charging $5.00 per 1,000 words)

  3. He said it was terrible and wanted something completely different. He said that the details he gave me were descriptive enough that I should not have messed it up (he gave me three words). Stated that I would need to do it all again, but he wants to change the titles because I am clearly not capable of doing that content. This is odd because, well, he asked for an ‘About Us’ page. I had a quick check through my ‘completed articles’ folder from the past five years. I have completed close to 400 of them, so I should be fine.

I refused to revise because he still will not tell me what is wrong with the content. He just sent me an article which was clearly spun, or written by a non-native English speaker, and says that is good content and that mine is nothing short of crap.

All of this is recorded in my log and yet Fiverr customer support will not remove the feedback. Now, I understand that people have VERY different opinions about content. Some people may like it, others not so much. However, I refuse to believe that my content is the worst content he has ever had. In fact, that it is so bad he actually wants me to write more articles for him, just give them to him for free. My content may not always be exactly what a person wants. That is fine. But it is not terrible writing. It certainly is not terrible to the point where it is not worth $5.00 per 1,000 words.

People irritate me sometimes…

There are some creepy buyers never mind.
I am flexible and patient but yet some make me so offended by misusing free unlimited revisions like more than 10-12 times.
Some buyers are so good that they even tipped me $25 - 30
"Take this, you deserved more for the work done"

I don’t do revisions. For starters, I have never been asked to (apart from in this case) and, secondly, if I constantly make revisions for people, I do not profit from the gig at all. My price is already low enough.

Depends on nature of services. i’d not give any revision on article either, if i happened to be a writer.
i liked your professional attitude (Y)

I will say it again. Beware of the buyers from India. I can’t say about other countries but I know about my own. The negative review was not based on service but probably to get free stuff or because of the denial of the quick delivery without extras. In my years of experience, this is what I have concluded. If you deny them something they asked, they will develop a grudge for that and find a way to teach you a “lesson”.

All of the issues I have ever had with buyers on here or away from this site is with Indian buyers. They are the only people who seem to insult me or issue chargebacks. In fact, one Indian buyer on this website left countless numbers of negative reviews about me online (reviews which were full of lies) and got in touch with past buyers of mine. They still hold a grudge against me to this day, and that was because I delivered their order a day late…they post reviews fairly regularly saying I hack websites, bribe Fiverr customer support, deliver PLR content etc. (I have never done any of that, obviously, otherwise I would have a LOT more negative feedback than I have now)

Obviously, no issue with Indian people in general, just an observation on my part, so I get where you are coming from. A lot of the incredibly friendly buyers who I deal with are actually Indian.

Same here! I just recently had a bad time with a buyer from India. It was so annoying, it ended up with him getting the gig for free. It was just for $5 so I didn’t bother fighting for it and going through Customer Support… Soo frustrating, when I finally delivered the gig, he asked for a revision which actually meant him asking more from the standard output of what I give out for $5… Just cancelled the order, got tired of explaining my side.

Well, of course, I wouldn’t want to make a conclusion that all buyers from India are a hassle to deal with…(I’m pretty sure there are more good ones…) I guess this is just timing that we have similar issues with regards to Indian buyers.


Customer support still refusing to have the feedback removed, and that is incredibly harsh. The customer rejected the content 25 times, each time asking for a refund and NOT ONCE stating the reasons for the refund. He just wanted a refund due to the terrible content. He just wanted it for free (clearly) I have attached my version and his version to this page. He said his version was far superior in terms of writing style and grammar, and that is why mine was so terrible.

I know what I produced isn’t 100% perfect (I can’t spent too long on each gig), but it is FAR better than what he had.

Note: he refused to tell me what site the policy was going on, so, it was impossible to be too specific in my policy.

There were 2 other files too, both of which have been spun from what I produced. So, he is using my content, just not technically using it.

Wouldn’t let me attach…

But, imagine something which has been spun about eight times. That is what is on his website now.

My content had zero errors. I have now had it checked over by four people.