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My first negative review after 97 positive ones, minimized the orders. Why?


I have a gig offering taglines/slogans creation for my clients’ business:

About 20 days ago i had 97-0 positive feedbacks, and order were more day by day. Suddenly, a client posted a negative review, instead of asking me for a revision, which i use to offer. After that, the orders have beed reduced about 60%, so i wonder. Is this the way it will be now on? Is a negative review able to destroy my gig, which was 100% successful before?


Constant negative feedbacks have the potential to destroy your business. Which is why we urge sellers to communicate with buyers to revise and modify work which the client may be unhappy with. In the event that an amicable solution cannot be reached that you should contact Customer Support to have the situation addressed. But your first option should ALWAYS be to review the delivery and ask the buyer to remove the negative feedback.


I have a question, can we remove the negative feedback by refunding to the buyer? or cancelling the order?


it’s for sure cancel the order and contact the customer support and request them to remove the negative review as you are cancelling the order.


I have tried working on this type of gigs that offer taglines too and I must say it is difficult because I had one buyer who was so difficult to please and she didn’t provide the right direction too

I think you will be fine if you keep working harder.


Reply to @bachas85: Thanks. I guess we have to clarify this with customer support. :slight_smile: