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My First Negative Review, and it was scathing :(

Oh dear, I don’t know what to do! I just received my first negative review and my 100% rating is gone. I take pride in my work and truly felt I delivered some great. The buyer didn’t even tell me they disliked it! And all of the sudden, I went from being in 81 collections to 9. :frowning: I think I’m going to burst into tears. I’ve worked so hard on fiverr, never taking a day off to please all my buyer; now this.

You seem to still have a lot of orders in your queue I am sure when you finish them you will be back to 100 percent:) and clearly with that much business you are doing a good job you have nothing to worry about :smiley: let CS know that he didn’t even let you modify you’re delivery they mite get rid of it.

No worries. I see that you have a lot of positive reviews and a lot of orders in queue.

Your gig should return to 100% rating once you hit 300 positives for the gig alone.

Don’t give up and just look forward. 1 negative won’t hurt you :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: I just sent in a request to CS. I’m reading over the article too and I honestly don’t see anything wrong; it’s engaging, researched and well-written. I don’t understand this. Even if it wasn’t her style or didn’t fit the tone, she could at least communicate with me. She gave me very little instruction and I she never responded to my messages throughout the process. She said it was a day late, when in all fairness, it was a couple hours past the est. delivery time and I even added 200 extra words because it was an involved topic. She complained that she had to wait a week, but that’s the wait time for articles that don’t pay for early delivery, given that I have a large queue. The drop in collections is weird. Man, I don’t understand people. :frowning:

Thanks though, I do feel a little better though. You rock, Matt :slight_smile:

Thanks Chaihock! :slight_smile:

I responded to her negative feedback and review with a “thumbs up” and remained polite and asked her for a chance to fix this. Yeah, my first inclination was to respond, but in a really nice way cause I want happy buyers. Maybe I should remove it? I’m so confused. Hopefully, buyers will see that and understand, given that I have 160+ of positive reviews? I just feel like I’m in the twilight zone, and she’s not responding to my messages. She only provided me with a single article topic and didn’t respond to my messages throughout the order process either. I contacted customer support, so we’ll see what happens. I think I need a fiverr break! Since joining fiverr, I’ve been working all day everyday. Thanks for the words of support Bitty Grandma, you’re the best :slight_smile:

Negative Feedback can be devastating! I received one a few months back, I was so hurt I suspended that gig! The customer asked for way more than was offered and then was upset when she didn’t get everything she asked for. I tried communicating with her, but she refused to reply at all.

So yes for those of us who really care and try our hardest, negative feedback can really hurt.

I’m sure you have heard the one about pleasing most of the people most of the time.

No matter what you do eventually, someone is going to bite you on the butt, for no other reason than they are having a bad day.

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The collections came back, so that was definitely a glitch. I have some people collected for my future business ideas. But I don’t collect for the sake of collecting, I haven’t gotten into that business. Not sure if collections even matter that much? Ehh… I’m still new :slight_smile:

Well, the buyer responded (fragglesrock?) and boy they were NASTY. WOW! It’s becoming more clear they’re mean-spirited, a bully and difficult. They wouldn’t respond to my messages throughout the order process either and left dishonest feedback. I’m not going to be talked down to, belittled and bend over backwards when this person probably won’t even get rid of the feed back anyways; I overdelivered on their $5 order too. I already wrote to CS, but who knows if they’ll take it off. I’ve already gotten orders since, so I guess it’s alright.

Thanks for the support everyone! It’s strange, you see scathing reviews on travel or restaurant sites, but it’s weird when they’re on the gigs of individual people and it’s happening to you. I think it’s time for that Fiverr break!

I’m am sorry that you are facing your first negative review. :frowning: However, it always happens sooner or later. You just have to work it out with the buyer and Customer Support.

The feedback is only 12 hours old, so you still have time to deal with it. I’ve had negative reviews for almost a week and finally I managed to get them removed.

Keep Hope Alive. :slight_smile:

Regarding the collections, it’s probably a bug with the system, since many sellers were facing this issue (including my self). All of a sudden ‘‘ALL’’ my gigs were de-collected by many buyers a few days ago. However, today I noticed that all my gigs have the right amount again.

Best Of Luck.

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The reason why ‘collections’ are going up and down is because they are deleting old accounts. I went from 700 to 400 in the space of an hour. I asked customer service a couple of days ago.

Secondly, don’t worry about the negative review, especially with regards to the delivery time. Most people simply don’t realize that quality work takes a lot of effort! I must admit, my gigs are regularly late by 5-10 days, mainly because people order a lot (I made a special effort to get your one in on time when you ordered as you are a fellow writer!). Most of the time, drop the customer a message and they will sort something out for you. If customer service see that you have tried to sort it out but have no response from the customer then they will remove it. I have had no experience in people complaining about quality, but I know this works for ‘late gigs’ etc. (had about 4 gig cancellations for lateness). Just keep doing a great job and those orders will continue to roll in! Mine do :smiley: (even when people complain about their gig being very late…they still order)

Thanks Ryan! The funny this is, the buyer’s delivery wasn’t really late. It arrived on the estimated delivery day and rolled in like an hour or two passed that “exact time” of delivery. It didn’t even fall into late status at all. In fact, when I’m running seriously late, all my buyers understand and appreciate the quality. As well, the buyer did not respond to any of my messages throughout the process nor did they want to purchase an early delivery. You should of read her message response to me today! Anyways, I got an influx of orders today so it didn’t affect anything. Karma :slight_smile:

So, is “suspending” a gig the same thing as “pausing” Just wondering

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capellevaughn said: The funny this is, the buyer's delivery wasn't really late.

If it wasn't as late as she said it was, get in touch with customer support and they will remove it! Somebody done this to me before, it was actually one hour early, but she left negative feedback saying she expected it faster!