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My First Negative Review (Is it unjustified?!)

Well, it did happen after a few years. I know that it won’t do me any harm. The only reason, why I am creating, this “rant”, is because the buyer told me that the review wasn’t my fault, that the review was her fault because she expected that I do more things (which aren’t stated in my description). It’s as Mr. President would say “Totally Fake” reason.

I know that CS doesn’t delete reviews anymore. I do know that it’s unjustified. But, HEY, what can I do except ranting. :stuck_out_tongue:


It will be average according to your orders quantity

Well, for starters if she admitted being her fault for believing you’d deliver more than advertised, you might still have a chance with CS considering that they haven’t removed the support ticket category “feedback removal” :wink: I would at least try to present my case and see how it goes.

If that would fail, you still have the chance to leave a counter-review where you can explain how she left an unjustified review on the assumption that you’d provide more than advertised, hence asking more work than paid for :wink:

From a buyer’s point of view, not defending yourself by responding to her review (IF CS fails to remove it) would likely indicate that you admit having some fault, which clearly isn’t the case.


Just as a note:

If you have approached her at all to ask her to justify the negative feedback, you will receive an account warning because it is now seen as review manipulation :slight_smile:

There are still cases for feedback removal which are allowed - others have had feedback removed recently.
They clamped down big time for a while when it stopped being removed for cancellations but it seems to have settled back into some kind of common sense approach.


Asking cannot be considered in any way manipulation since the simple process of asking doesn’t change a thing about the review, hence the impossibility to manipulate it. Unless CS has explicitly told you that themselves :wink:

I see how this might have been so in the past, since back then buyers could change their review based on a simple conversation or question. But now buyers cannot change anything without you initiation the change.

“Hey. Just so you know, negative feedback impacts a sellers account, so I just want to check what the issue was with the content. Anything I can help you with?”

They responded:

“sexual intercourse off”

I reported them for bad language.

I received an account warning for review manipulation. That was the ONLY thing that happened there.

I did respond. I also did open a dispute with CS, but I have a feeling it’s a looooong shot.

Well, I never ask to change the review. Just what should I help in order to fix the issues, and in most of the cases, the buyers do offer to change the review by themselves.

I have read your last topics, they are really though on you.

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That’s where you’ve made the mistake in my opinion, because saying this to a buyer is a form of manipulation - from the moment you said those words, that buyer will always know that leaving bad feedback will impact sellers, and they might avoid doing that with other sellers, or might start doing it on purpose, hence having been manipulated - at least that’s how I’d see it from CS’ point of view :slight_smile:


Support said “Nope” :frowning:


That means you’ve only two solutions left:

  1. request the buyer to change their feedback via resolution center (it is a one time operation), but with the risk that she won’t accept changing it or will even put a worse review

  2. leave a counter-review defending your position and telling other potential clients how it wasn’t your fault at all


I guess, I can put a print screen link of she telling “it is not your fault”. :slight_smile: