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My first negative review!

I woke up this morning to a notification saying I had a negative review.

Not the best way to wake up… I’m just soooo upset by it all!

I have already contacted the buyer, with no response so far, and have sent a ticket to customer support.

The review is unfair, I have attached a screenshot for anyone to judge…

Buyer’s brief was completely useless, there’s a reason why I ask all those questions!

When I asked for more info, nothing!

I designed a great icon! It was bloody perfect. Gave them lots of colour options and all!

Then they start asking me to add things (always a big red alert!)

Surprise surprise out of the blue, they ask for a completely different design! Nothing to do with their brief. Just something completely different. This was not a simple redesign, it was a new concept!

I obviously said it would take a new gig for a new design and they say - “That’s fine”.

Then they ask me for the Source file - which I said would cost extra (it’s on my gig info!)

Then they still ask me to do extra work, which, stupid me, went and did!

Now 10 days later I get this ridiculous negative review "no good!"

What the actual duck?!!

I can’t believe I have lost my %100 rating over this. It drives me mad.

I have worked so hard to keep that rating. I am always over delivering!

Some people have no consideration for the work and time sellers put in, and Fiverr really needs to protect us more.

Does anyone know if this doesn’t get resolved, will me cancelling the order bring back my %100 rating?

I’m almost at level 2, but if this doesn’t get resolved, I will probably leave Fiverr sooner than expected.

It’s very annoying as I’m just starting to get really large orders, and I feel it will all go to waste.

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I’m sorry this happened to you! I’m dreading the day when I’ll get my first. Just based on numbers it’s almost inevitable. I wouldn’t allow this to ruin your experience on Fiverr. It looks like you’ve had a lot of happy customers! There is no way we will be able to please 100% of the people all the time.

Write a ticket to Customer Support and provide all the eveidences you gave us.

Please, remark that you delivered the gig several times and that buyer was changing his mind every single time.

Also remark that you provided an excellent support and had great conversation with the buyer and that he finally left a bad review without ranting, without asking any review.

So this buyer is probably fooling you trying to get his image for free.

If support answers that you need to work this out with your buyer, give it a try; but then come back and ask them to remove the negative and review this buyer, 'cause he could not be exactly fair

Reply to @typingservice: Thanks! I know it really bugs me some buyers don’t think of the implications a bad review can have on a seller, and have no regard for the effort someone has put in!

Reply to @mark74: Thanks mate! I have done all that, contacted the buyer and after that customer support. Just hope they can sort it out quickly.

Reply to @designmytype: quickly? No, I don’t think… it seems that waiting time is not that short in this period :frowning:

Reply to @mark74: I know. People complain about it all the time on the forum,.


I’m really very sorry that happened to you. :frowning: I ran into my first bump yesterday, after I submitted the buyer’s order. I did exactly what the buyer asked, but the buyer was incensed and said I failed to meet his requirements. He corrected his mistake, but unfortunately far too many Sellers don’t have the same luck. I could lose my Level 1 status tomorrow because of errant, haywire buyers and it’s sad. We as Sellers really do need more safeguards.

I’m heartily sorry about your negative review, and hope you bounce back better than ever before!

Reply to @designmytype:

You have such wonderful feedback. I hope CS will consider that and just remove the negative. Good luck to you!

Reply to @luna_dreamer07: Thank you for the support! I’m glad you managed to get the situation fixed.

Sellers definitely need a bit more protection! It has been pointed out so many times in this forum how the current way of doing things is unfair to sellers. I really hope someone who can do something about it is paying close attention!

I have had a few.And had fiverr remove all of them:)

If its unfair rating then tell fiverr they will always look into it and like me they will remove every one unless it a canceled do to none delivery.

So please as a Top Rated Seller still at 100% If you have a unfair rating just message fivver ,And they too will not only look at the order you gave but will see all and most of the time remove that thumbs down,Gee I had one buyer that keep putting it back and fiverr keep removing it fiverr in the end fought for me!! until that person couldnt do it ever again,So see Fiverr as you main go to and tell them whats going on.They are here for you,God bless and happy selling.