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My first one month!

So one month have passed. I have earned $108 so far. Not bad as a newbie right? I would love to hear from you guys. Am I doing it right?

Anyway I just love this on Fiverr “You became $108 richer since joining Fiverr!”. It really inspires me and I hope to add some more 0 there soon.

That is very good Income. Each day it will Increase. Make a Goal on how much you want to earn in how many months and believe me you’ll make it :slight_smile: Best of lucks for all the gig.

Congrats. Just focus on providing quality work and cash will increase

I remember when I earned a WHOLE $4 in a month when I first joined Fiverr three years ago, but as justmarketing00 and esthernyambura mentioned, set a target income and focus on high quality deliveries and you will see wonders. One month I made $745 :slight_smile: :slight_smile: