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My first one star review because the buyer didnt read the gig description or instructions I sent him


I had a buyer not read the gig description nor the messages I sent and based on that left a one star review.

When I notified him that I had sent specific guidelines that addressed this he admitted he made a mistake and changed his review.


Sadly you’re always going to get people like that no matter what. It’s unfortunate when it happens. Always one idiot in the bunch. I think everyone here has at least one story about a client who don’t read the gig description, is unwilling to work with you, and will leave a negative review.

At least you can look on the bright side; You’ve made a lot of other people happy.


Thank you for such a kind reply. It helps to know there are so many nice people on fiverr.
(Tried to leave you a like but got a pop up that I have left too many lately.)


Don’t let it get to you. I totally agree with @wiseman05.

You can’t make everyone happy! Just focus on the clients who appreciate you.


Just a bad day, After all, tomorrow is another day which will be definitely a Good one!


Well, you might as well definitely not make the spell work anymore now. Or change it, if you get my drift. Perhaps a plague of locusts will make them see the error of their ways?

How did you review them back? I would have rained scorn, hellfire and brimstone down on their sorry existence myself.

EDIT: ah, he’s seeking love. With that kind of patient attitude, lol. What a dilldon’t.


Now we all know not to work with this buyer.

I’m sorry this happened to you.


Thank you so much, each of you. :partly_sunny:


“hellfire shall rain down upon you” (is that allowed in the TOS?)


Just claim that the ‘heart warming’ elements of the spellcasting may have gone awry due to being pressurized to materialize earlier.

See? It’s all their own fault. It’s not mentioned in TOS so I think this is a go.


showers you with hearts I had run out of them too haha

And they are all right, it was just a question of time that it happened. But don´t listen to Emma! You know, karma and all that…or…does that mean…do listen to Emma…? :wink:

(edit: and there was the ‘you only have a few left today’ message again lol hard times for love)


We will not work with this buyer

And you are superstar on Fiverr, dont be dishearten


Thank you so much.


It was one of those situations some of you may be familiar with where I got a bad vibe from him immediately. After doing this so long you pick up something wrong as soon as they begin the order and start to communicate. I feel that it may be a case of some ulterior motive actually now that I remember how he sounded. The multiple demands after he asked a strange question that I answer immediately— red flags going off.


Well, obviously I’m just being mean here to make @misscrystal feel a little bit better about her prize buyer. I’d be making a case to Customer Support in reality. Given that the reviews are rated on communication, delivery and as expected, that one-star review is clearly skewed to ‘wah, wah’ on all fronts. Was the gig delivered on time? Were the communications timely? Did the communications include the instructions?

All that said, because this person isn’t a frothing lunatic, this might stick, so I’d be looking for something else in the TOS. I don’t think there is anything, though. So you know what? Go for my imgur situation with screenshots. Show your patience, show the review–and really, just make the reader question whether that review is deserved or not.

Then throw the hellfire at him anyway, because it’s fun. Besides, if this buyer is doing a karmic wrong, this is simply redressing the balance, so.


Are you saying screenshots in the review?

Bob in CS said it has to stay. I requested someone else look at it because really it’s right in the gig it can take more than a month and he posted it in 2.5 weeks.

I sent him a message saying that but have not heard from him and probably won’t.


Yeah, just write your review in imgur with screenshots and link to it in the review. The trick is to make them look completely unhinged using their own words while painting yourself as an innocent victim of a miscarriage of justice.

I’ve only used it once (you won’t find it anywhere as it’s a buried 3-star review) and it shut them right up. I’d do it again if I couldn’t get a bad review that was a pot of lies removed either. After all, you’re meant to respond with your experience.

Oh, and the nice thing about imgur is that you can update it. Unlike your buyer. Lulz.

The ‘more than a month’ thing won’t really work with CS, I don’t think, as Fiverr’s very hazy on long-term results. So, if they won’t support you, take the guy to the slaughtering pen in imgur.


Yes, we´re all here for that, that´s one of the great things about this forum :green_heart: Is there an equivalent to ‘white lie’ for being mean already btw?


Great idea!

I didn’t realize we could put links in our replies to feedback.


It’s a useful tool. All TOS says is that we’re welcome to share our experience/responses. I’ve seen ambassadors use it too (although not on imgur, admittedly) so.

Just don’t show it to the buyer. Ideally, they’ll see it themself and go crazytown on you and that’s when you get the review removed. Especially if they do an ‘if it wasn’t for you pesky kids…’ kinda meltdown. Which only happened once, but I had screenshots to prove it. Sayonara, bad buyer!

If you’re wondering about my meltdown guy, they saw my imgur review and changed their own. I simply updated my review and imgur to reflect on the general untrustworthiness of the character. That’s unlikely to be an issue here with the new system though.


perhaps cruel to be kind?