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My first order aka my worst order

A couple months ago I got my first order on Fiverr… the actual gig I created was for a specific logo intro template (in AfterEffects), however that’s not what the buyer wanted. They had a specific idea of what they wanted for an animation, and it had absolutely nothing to do with my gig. This being my first order, I did /not/ want to cancel it and have that bad record. So, I agreed acting like everything was fine, not mentioning their mistake.

They gave me a JPG image to work with… so I had to redraw the whole thing as a vector plus make sure the dozens of parts were separate so I could animate them in AE; due to the nature of the object it was quite complicating. Not to mention I was still somewhat new to AfterEffects, and at the time still had a day job (before I took on Freelancing full-time). Plus, the fact that they didn’t speak good English did not help at all… I was pretty late on the delivery, and lost some sleep along the way, but I eventually got it and they were happy. (it’s a good thing they didn’t cancel because of late delivery… for their sake : P)

I have to say, though, I was pretty discouraged after that! Made me kind of stay off Fiverr for a little bit.

Just my luck, the very first order I get is crap.

Giving Fiverr another shot now, and so far I haven’t had anymore bad orders :smiley:

Although I’m sure I will get at least some complicating clients here in the future, all I can do is try my best to prevent that and be patient if I do get those orders.

Oh, I meant to post this on the Fiverr Stories forum… whoops. Any idea how to move it or remove it from here?

Reply to @omniversal: I think you can go into edit on your original post and change the category from there. There’s a drop-down box you can pick from in between where you put in the title and where you put in the text of the post.