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My first order and bad experience (Please never set unlimited revisions)

Hi everyone, i just want to write my bad experience about ongoing unlimited revision saga. :joy:

I fixed buyer a wp theme as promised in the initial conversation before order, before taking order i also sent her a video showing problem fixed, before, while talking about issue with her theme, one thing led to another and i said to her that i will provide to you addons too, when i sent her the fixed theme file and attached those addons as goodwill gesture, which she installed and find out that automated update is not available for addons. Now, that i have set revisions to unlimited she playing revision revision with me. Spaming me with the messages that the “addons are not enable for automated updates.” I don’t know what to do i have also contacted support and waiting for their reply. if any of you members faced familiar situation in the past please advise.



Yeah, it’s NEVER a good idea to offer unlimited revisions. If you offer services that are kinda subjective (drawing, designing, etc) and require a good number of revision after the initial delivery, you could just set a higher # of free (or paid) revisions. But never offer unlimited revisions.

Some sellers think gigs that offer unlimited revisions have an upper hand as they can attract more buyers. But what they don’t quite get is that such gigs can also end up attracting the “wrong kinda buyer” who can make the seller’s life a living hell.

As a forum regular so eloquently puts it:


I hope things turn out for the better. At least you learnt a valuable lesson, and I hope that you’ve made up your mind to never offer unlimited revisions in the future.

Good luck! :sunny:


Ohh so sad, go-ahead

I am having a panic attack after reading your reply, i really don’t want my hardwork to go in vein. please advise what are the options i have :frowning:

Oh my, learned a lesson for the rest of my living hell of a life. i am not sure i’ll be able to establish my self on fiverr after this first bad thing. its literally made me sick

I can’t see directions to go-ahead from here

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You have already contacted CS, right? Wait for their reply.

CS is probably going to tell you to “work it out” with/convince your buyer. I do not have adequate knowledge of WP or their plugins or addons. So, unfortunately, I cannot really offer you any concrete advice for your specific WP-related issue.

Is there something specific the buyer wants from you? If those addons do not offer automatic updates, tell the buyer you can’t do anything about it as you never promised the buyer that (if you really don’t know a way to enable them).


I have told her more than 10 times that i can’t do anything about it, and addons has literally no unable features , its just like you can not update them in wp but the addons are fully functional ones and even not older than a month

Thank you for taking your time out to reply me, i am feeling a little better somehow

She’s right! As I always say on these forums, those who follow advice grow old.

Keep us updated, Alihassan991. Fingers crossed for you.


Sure i ll keep everyone posted here. i have another order to complete i hope that will bring me 5 stars , so i ll be able to survive


I think, when most sellers decide offering unlimited revisions they operate under the assumption that every buyer is reasonable to a certain extent. That they won’t abuse the button forever. That unlimited is not really unlimited, but rather 3-5 rounds because surely, no adult, well-rounded individual will think it’s okay to expect a never-ending collaboration for fixed price ($5 or $500 — it doesn’t matter).

And this is is where they’re wrong. The forum is full of such stories. My most favourite one of late is someone spending nearly a week trying to punish a seller in any and all possible ways for either delivering late (or not delivering at all) a $5 order on their (the seller’s) birthday. Someone was refunded and still spent days looking for ways to exact revenge of epic proportions. It still blows my mind.

So in short, don’t do this to yourself. Protect your work with all the possible disclaimers and be prepared to still occasionally deal with unreasonable demands.

I never offered unlimited revisions, free or otherwise, but I had someone once changing the color of the title font in the artwork for 20+ times (“no unlimited revisions even if you pay” rule came right after I was done with this order). They’ve used all the free revisions I’ve offered, then started buying extra revisions (for some of the revision rounds, not all of them). I became convinced it was a troll at some point and requested a cancellation on the basis of “I’m not sure where this is going”. They’ve declined my request, accepted the delivery, told me not to take it personally and I’ve never heard from them again.


May 2017, and yet, fresh as new …


Here’s a thought - did you, as part of the original spec, say to the buyer that all add ons would have auto update?

If not, the auto update is not part of the spec and you may find that useful to point out to CS. Just sayin’


Yes, I have never even mention the word update in our whole conversation with her. my only fault was offering unlimited revisions, :frowning_face:


Yes i am changing all my gig with NO FREE REVISION ZONE sign :sweat_smile: i will would rather choose to be a failure on fiverr.

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Well, you need to point that out to her in a calm way - I know it’s hard.

My experience with plugins that don’t offer auto updates is that they will indicate when a new version becomes available. All that has to be done is to go to the site to download it. Then deactivate the old version, upload the new version, then delete the old version.

You can even offer to do that for your client for a nominal fee as and when necessary. (Although #2 daughter says that kind of offer is mildly passive/aggressive. )

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@coerdelion I have pointed out to her more than 10 time literally , every time she reply back with the same screenshot where i offered addons, with " all plugin don’t update sir". :smirk:

I wonder if your client realizes that “auto update” doesn’t mean that they update by themselves … that you have to click the “update” link … ?

it’s wpjobser theme i have the addons since last month i purchased it for a client. wpjobster theme’s addons usually don;t update automatically one needs to go to the website and download it and then manually install them. problem is that there’s no newest version of addons are available the addons i sent her was released on 21st july. she don’t understand this or doing it on purpose: replying with same “message” again and again. and i dont know what to do addons was not even a part of the order i just send her as goodwill gesture.