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My first order and i ruined it


had my first order, having been in desperation i accepted 3 voluminous jobs in a custom order. i couldn’t do the three i managed to deliver two out of the three before the deadline. i don’t know how the seller might feel and how he might rate me, thereby affecting my profile


You should have extended the delivery time.


Demonstrate to the buyer kindly, he will definitely understand


That’s your problem. Don’t be desperate. Be patient. Be determined, but never, ever, ever try to find success through desperation. Desperation leads to failure, especially when you can’t do the work you desperately choose to accept.

Let this experience be a lesson to you. Don’t accept orders that you cannot do. The buyer is well within his/her rights to give you a bad review for the delivered work you could not effectively complete. There are consequences to every choice you make. Desperate choices usually result in unfortunate consequences.

Wise, selective, skilled choices result in success.

You delivered work. At this point, you are going to have to accept whatever review your buyer chooses to share. Next time… make better choices.


That’s true jonbaas!

Recently, I worked on a project without having sufficient skills for it. The result was disappointing, to me and to my client. Thankfully, this experience knocked me out of the skies, and now it’s back to basics. Only doing projects for which my skills are sufficient, and learning new, experimental things in my free time. But not by working for my clients.