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My First Order.. and my experience with Fiverr

Hi all! Buyers and Sellers!

I’ve just completed my first gig and i’m so happy! For the past year i’ve been buying all sorts of useful gigs and having a good experience with Fiverr so far apart from one or two bad gigs (which we all get).

I wish to post that majority of sellers are doing it right! perfect attitude, Good Gig prices and optimal response times providing me with a perfect experience… This isn’t always the case and sadly there will be a time you’ll have to check through the ‘Bad Reviews’ on someones Gigs before you step foot on to their page, sadly there is a lot of fake accounts and gigs that are not trust worthy or offer a terrible gig but you must look through them reviews for the accounts before you hit the gold mind.

I hope everyone else is having a good experience so far!

I love reading bad reviews! The more angry and unreasonable the better!

I like that too and one response to a negative review from a seller in particular I liked:

I’m in the hospital getting a total hip replacement but I still delivered your order!

"…you must look through them reviews for the accounts before you hit the gold mind."
I have to say the reviews are not the best guide for getting awesome offers from great sellers who join Fiverr on daily basis and have not acquired reviews yet. You need to go more profound to assess the genuineness and the greatness of the offers. For instance, I am new; don’t have reviews yet, but I know I’m genuine and have great offers.

Completely agree with both of you, obviously when scything through bad reviews I Just meant you can usually tell if a seller is generally a Bad seller… it just takes a bit of common sense.
Have seen some ridiculous excuses Buyers can give though, just gotta’ laugh at them!

I’ve noticed since I had 1 order completed in my gig i’ve jumped a lot of impressions and gained 3 more orders so I appreciate how good this site really is for an easy buck for honest services.