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My first order and my first cancelation

Hi every one,
I am a new seller on Fiverr * since Feb 2020. I got my first order and was very happy. I complete my first order with a 5-star review. The next day, my second order was placed from another client But her project was very complicated and so we canceled the order with both agreements.
Until now I have no orders received from any clients.
What should I do in this situation?
I need someone to help me.


If the project was that complicated!
You should have asked and clear out the whole thing if it is complicated or not!
Please Be patient…
More Success will come soon…


Brother i like your view…

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Yes brother!
I am new a seller too!
For me I don’t know everything from my sector cause you learn new everytime!
More often I face various client as more often complicated!
I have too clear out every point so I can get a clear view for the customer satisfaction… :slight_smile:

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Akib Zawayed brother thanks for your time.

Order cancellation on a new gig may lead to very negative impact on it like loosing the gig ranking on search results so you may lack of orders due to that.

Don’t worry dude . You will get orders.

Dont worry man.You got 5 reviews on your first work.So you have calibre.Definitly get work.Be patient

Every now and then we all get orders from people who either don’t read our gig description correctly, or who make assumptions about our skillset, etc. However it is always worth reviewing your own gig description to make sure that it is very clear about the services that you do - and just as importantly don’t provide.

This might sound crazy, but I deliberately try and stop casual buyers from purchasing my gigs by including phrases such as “if you are unsure, please message me before ordering” or “if this gig description doesn’t 100% match your expectations, then please don’t order”. Yes, you will not receive as many orders - but the orders that you do receive are likely to be less hassle and result in higher quality feedback.

I have learnt the hard way that chasing every order isn’t worth it.

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Thanks for such nice feedback it is worthy for me. Your (if this gig description doesn’t 100% match your expectations, then please don’t order”) sentence are very special.

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