My First Order! COMPLETED! ^_^ Just Feeling Excited!


Hello members of Fiverr! I just want to share my success story, because i am really really really excited and i thought maybe i introduce myself to Fiverr Forums as well… :smiley: Okay here it goes… I am like OMG i got my first order completed and client? Completely satisfied! I know you are feeling weird like whaatt first sale is nothing he just got couple of dollars… But the truth is i am 14 and i always loved to lurk around the web to find some sort of online job… Well don’t wanna be cocky here but i have couple of talents which i thought would be useful at some point! And here - i found Fiverr! 2 Months passed since i made my first Gig… I was so sad because i thought i would never have an order… And… I wake up on Wednesday and i am sooooo lazy, i have to brush teeth, have a shower… blah… I never wanted to get up, but then i checked my phone for no reason and i see a mail :slight_smile: It was an ACTUAL Fiverr order! I was sooooo excited i just rushed to school and when i came home i got right on it! It was actually a hard - 3 hours of work, editing audio but i was so excited, i didn’t even get bored or exhausted. I actually did a good work! And… They also left me a TIP! Like whaaa? 20$ Man! That’s really a big thing for me, especially where i live! I am also so glad i got that amazing first buyer! Thank you if you are reading this by any chance :smiley: Yep and i hope things will go better now, i actually love doing my favourite job, which is here on Fiverr… Thank you guys for reading this so much, means a lot to me :slight_smile: And sorry for English grammar maybe? English ain’t my first language! P.s. Hopefully this story inspired newcomers to Fiverr! Guys, just wait, update and edit gigs constantly, and one day, even if it’s after three months, things will go better and BETTER! P.P.s. I am 14 as i mentioned, i think in the ToS it says you have to be 13+. And i don’t think there is not any other problem, you just need a PayPal account which i have, hopefully revealing my age here won’t get me banned, that would be funny tho XD Anyway, thanks again, BYEE!! :slight_smile:

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Congrats, a great feeling for sure : )
Best of luck, who knows what the future will bring!


Thank you :slight_smile:


Congratulations!! I am thrilled for you.


Ty very much =)


That’s really inspiring! Congrats!


Glad i inspired someone! Good luck and thank you :slight_smile:


Congrats i made my first sale also and made a post !


Thanks and congrats to you too :slight_smile:


Congrats! Best of luck.


Its so nice to hear that mate. Keep it up
Fellow fiverr sellers are here for you if you need anything to know.


This topic is nearly a year old, but I just happen to be in a similar situation! I’m 14 right now and I earned my very first $4 on Fiverr!! I know that’s nothing, but omg I am so surprised!!! I only spent around an hour or less on my work and was expecting lots of negative responses and/or requests for revisions (since I offered 1 revision in the package), but nope. 10 minutes after my submitted work was sent, the buyer said thanks and marked the order completed, just like that!! This is just amazing, I can’t believe it!


Run out of hearts again, but really well done! :purple_heart:


Congratulations :slight_smile: Brings back year old memories. Wish you best and more and more orders :smiley: P.s. I am happy since i made this post year ago and you still found it and replied


hey man, congrats, i’m 14 too but i don’t have my first order yet, i’m from venezuela, hope you could share with me some tips to get my first order. keep it going dude :stuck_out_tongue:


This is from 2016.


I think the latest replies were to @gracetheartist, who resurrected the thread with her own success story! :slight_smile:


@gracetheartist That’s great to hear! I’m also 14 and I’ve been on Fiverr for about 3.5 months and I remember when I got my first order, it was about 11:30 on a school night but because I was so excited I did it right away and the buyer left me a 5 star review! It was amazing and it really motivated me to keep pushing, just as you should do! Before you know it, you’ll probably be Level 1, and then a few months will pass and you’ll be Level 2! Keep that motivation up and you can get whatever you need done, done!


congratulations !!!


I must say, your enthusiasm is contagious & totally made my night :slight_smile: Congratulations! Stay excited, it looks like you’ll go far. :slight_smile: