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My first order doesnt show in my Portfolio


I recently have my first order and when I was sending it fiveer show me how would appear in my portfolio but it’s not showing ):

I edit videos so would be important to me one more video in my portfolio.

My gig:


They buyer has to choose for their video to begin you portfolio. So, your buyer may have not wanted their video to be a part of your portfolio.

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Yea, it’s frustrating when you are trying to get your gigs going & a customer chooses not to display the portfolio sample. I always take the time to make a portfolio sample but they don’t always get displayed. It happens. The best of luck going forward.

Thank you, I did not know it was a buyer choice, but it makes a lot of sense.

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And some buyers aren’t aware of this!!

Buyers are asked if they want to be included in the live porfolio.