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My first order ever!

Hi guys ! Today I just got my first order and I am really happy about it . Some of you told me to be patient so did I and today I finally got it. But I have a question. If I deliver my order is the buyer automatically obligated to do the payment or there exists the chance to be scammed ? Thank you and please take a look at my gigs and save them if you can . It would help me a lot. :smile:


Congrats on your first order @sindikopani :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :boom:

As you said, here you need to work with a lot patience! That is main task.

About order - Probably you could find all you need in Fiverr Help and Support. I will give you short explanation about your question. Buyer paid your work when he/she started order, When you deliver work and client accept it, then money go to you, after 14 days of Fiverr check.

So, if you make perfect work and client is satisfied with your work, there is no chance to you stay without money. In other way, if client is not satisfied with you work, he could ask for order cancellation and money refund. But in that way you don’t send delivery.

If you send for example logo design to client for check, do it with watermark, just to be sure about all.

Your Social media gig need mroe work on it. Try to detail explain what you do and how you will make it. try to attract buyer, what he will receive with your work and how good that will be for his Social media profile.
Then, for me is strange that you delivery order for 3 days, and order say taht you will work on Social media 30 days.
How you could delivery order as finished, if you need to work on it next 27 days? In that way, client can’t approve your order as completed, right?

For logo design, try to add more examples on your Features images. You added same logo for all 3 examples. Also, try to retype description.

For all GIGs you need to work on SEO part, to optimize better profile and GIGs. So, you will make easier for potential clients to find you.

But, it is most important that you got first order. Just keep working and don’t give up at any moment.


Actually when the Buyer place the order he payed the money at that time.
And when you deliver the order if he/she accept it, and mark it as complete the payment automatically released to your fiverr account, but remember that FIVERR has set 14 days time to clear your Money.
Hope it make sense…

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great brother.keep going

Congratulations…Best luck

Wow congratulations.

Congrats… best of luck

Congrats…best of luck

Thank you ! This was really helpful .I know I am still not at my best but trying to improve everyday .I’ll keep in mind what you said. Best regards :slight_smile:

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Yes ,very clear . Thank you a lot.

Thank you ( i am a girl tho)

Thank you very much !

Thank you . I appreciate it .

Congratulations :bouquet:
Keep working hard.

All the best… keep it up!!

congratulations and best wishes

First order always feels great. :relieved:
Cheers. :slight_smile:

congratulations keep it up!!!

Congratulations and best of luck for further orders:)

Congratulations :slight_smile:
Wish you all the best :+1: