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My first order experience very bad:(

I am new member on fiverr. I like fiverr system. I’m using fiverr.
My first order experience.
When I take order a buyer. She give me draw a women sketch. Ok I I started work.
I draw a women illustration. I showed him. She say, It’s Ok beautiful woman Sketch. I happy happened. She liked my work. She say it do coloring. I completed work and I Delivered.
she do rejected my work and say this woman pose change plzz change the woman pose:):slight_smile: hehehe I say ok I can do for you. :slight_smile:
Ok i was fine. I had to change Because this is my first order:) Ok I changed. I showed him. she say again. it’s good work only There is a lack of color. :slight_smile: I happy happened, She liked it.
If I sent delivery, my delivered rejected and not answer me 6 day:)
So I understand she is only disturbing me :rage: Thereafter I canceled this order.
:slight_smile: So My first order experience was very bad.
It’s ok i’m fine, i’ll try again and again again again till when, till when I get success on fiverr. :slight_smile: :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::fireworks:


I think it is not allowed to mention the names of buyers on the forum. You may want to delete the name

You should have resent the delivery.


You’re offering 1-2 revisions. Why did you agree to make so many changes?
Also changing a pose is not a revision. You should probably explain what a revision is under FAQ section.

That being said, it’s really difficult to understand what you’re saying.
I think there might be a bit more to this story. Maybe some of these revisions were requested because you didn’t fully understand buyer’s requirements :thinking:


O Sorry
Thanking you for telling

But I do tryed 4 time delivery.

Maybe you’re right. But Why does She say it’s ok this pose women.

I am in a similar situation with a buyer on my video editing gig.I have done multiple deliveries as he asked for revisions, just trying to work with him for a good output and being a more extensive project I have accepted doing the slight changes until he started asking for revisions on the things that were well integrated.
He did not mention anything about those things in the previous revisions.
After I have refused to continue with his revisions he sent me a cancellation request motivating it as he has no use of the product and he has to do it now by himself.This is absurd, how can I cancel a delivered order? I have spent long hours to get it done as he requested.More than that, on every revision he kept me going with ‘‘not there yet’’ ‘‘almost there’’.
Certainly this was a lesson and it is an on-going lesson as I am learning from this continuously yet how can I settle this? I have contacted support, they are helping me and I am very thankful for that yet support cannot force him to accept my delivery.I am trying my best to be reasonable, how can I work with someone that doesn’t accept the fact that I have put a lot of effort and delivered more than decently.He even mentioned that it was all fine (in one of the revisions as he asked for further changes).
How should we handle such situations?


Hy Georgecb

Thanking you for To write about yourself

i don’t know what we do But We should not send first the original file.:thinking:

Well, I wouldn’t recommend that.Once you deliver it should be the product you accepted to work for.How subjective is the buyers opinion about your product that is a different story, you should deliver what you were asked for.If you have unclarities and want to check with the buyer before delivery, you can place a watermark so you can avoid bad buyers from leaving with your work, at least this is what I do to prevent that from happening.


Well said and agreed with you

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Don’t worry friend… You will be success in future… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Yes Thanking you so much


Yes, I think it is very important to have a clear understanding of what our (each seller’s) definition is of a revision and convey some examples of that in the FAQ’s. :thinking:

We should also not be timid about telling the buyer that what he/she has requested is a change, rather than a revision, according to our gig description. In the same way, it would also be good to give a couple examples of what a change would be.

We should stick to the # of revisions that we offer. If we feel that we want to offer more to a particular client, be prepared to revise indefinitely. :pensive:


Maybe it can be reported as abuse or something?

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