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My first order has used my entire life’s luck

So, I got my first order the second day after I created my fiverr account and posted a gig. It was a 10$ order and the customer was so humble . He also reviewed and gave me a 5 star rating with a 5$ tip. Damn lucky right. And thats it , not even a single order since 3 weeks. Tried editing the gig, created new gigs but there was no change. What do you think is wrong? Help me with a quick review of my gigs. Are they good enough?
link to my profile:


Don’t be so excited about reviews. The next few orders you get, customer may not leave rating and review. You might be tempted to ask them to leave a rating which can get you a warning. It is up to them to leave or not.Try to bring more offline clients.

All the best.


It’s pretty normal to have to wait a long time for your first few orders. That said, you could almost certainly improve your conversion rate by making a few adjustments to your gig description. I’m looking at this gig:

  • Boldface and highlighted text should be kept to the absolute minimum. The vast majority of the text in your gig description should be written without any kind of formatting.
  • Offering unlimited revisions does not make you look professional. In fact, it opens you up to a variety of scams and bad behavior from buyers. Professional buyers look for sellers who value their services appropriately; offering unlimited revisions is often seen as a red flag.
  • Run Grammarly or another grammar-checking browser extension on your gig description. As a writer, I’m somewhat predisposed to notice every little grammatical error, but I promise that you will instantly seem more professional to a wide variety of buyers as soon as you clean up your writing.

After that, I suggest that you try to bring in sales from channels outside of Fiverr. Advertise your services directly to your target market on social media or elsewhere.

Best of luck!


Thank you so much!!!


I highly doubt this. How, specifically, are you unique?

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“I will edit your picture using paint whilst standing and singing country roads over a travis scott type beat”

On a more serious note, I have to say I’ve seen some niches that haven’t been done or have very few sellers, so who knows, if you’re creative enough you could make something unique, although if it gets successful you’ll probably find yourself with a bit of competition.

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I have searched for similar gigs so that I could use them as reference but I found none.

My Gig is not for slideshows, they are entirely different. You can check the video in my Gig or search “instagram edits” on youtube, you will get to know the difference.