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My First Order in fiverr


I get 2 order tomorrow. 1 buyer need a flyer $5 and 1 buyer need the book cover $10 and 1 buyer message me and tell me you order me as soon as The flyer buyer very satisfied my work and the book cover buyer not satisfied me please help me What I do know


Offer them, a different design, that is it.

You should know how to satisfy clients to survive on freelancer marketplaces.

Think , what would make you satisfied, if you were at their place.



Bro please tell me how get 5 star on client


Please send personal messages, and keep on the conversation topic on forum



How to get 5 star on a buyer in fiverr


satisfying the buyer need, as @arafatjamil01 said, offer him multiple designs to choose, or ask him what he wants to be changed.


You can’t ask for it on the market, but you should write the delivery cover letter in such a way that, the buyer must feel that you did a lot for him.

This is the idea